Choose a Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist You Can Trust

Manhattan cosmetic dentist you can trustIn some situations, it’s important to go with your gut. At other times, it’s necessary to think logically. As you seek out a New York City cosmetic dentist to give you a smile makeover or restorations, you must think with your head and listen to your intuition.

Consider Your Midtown Cosmetic Dentist’s Resume

The facts matter when it comes to choosing your Midtown cosmetic dentist. Find out as much as you can about your dentist, including their:

  • Experience: How long has this cosmetic dentist been practicing? There is nothing inherently wrong with a young cosmetic dentist – everyone starts somewhere – but consider whether you want to be a person a dentist practices their technique on, or if you’d rather be a patient who benefits from a dentist’s years of experience.
  • Education: Not every dentist is a cosmetic dentist. Continuing education and special training in cosmetic dentistry is not mandatory, but do you really want to go with a dentist who is winging it? Who believes they can perform a technique just because they’ve seen pictures or think they know how it should work? Choose a dentist who believes in furthering their education, gaining insight about innovations, and bettering themselves in cosmetic dentistry techniques so they can serve you better.
  • Accolades: Awards matter. Top dentist honors are not given out indiscriminately. If a dentist has been recognized among his peers, it’s for a reason. The facts don’t lie.
  • Case numbers: Your cosmetic dentist should be able to show you an array of successful before-and-after case photos and details. This is not only a visible track record of their accomplishments, but a boilerplate of the kinds of miracles that can be worked on your own teeth.

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Listen to Your Intuition When You Choose a NYC Cosmetic Dentist

Once the facts have been accounted for and verified, pay attention to how you feel at a cosmetic dentist’s office and in their presence:

  • Do you feel like the dentist has your best interests at heart?
  • Is the dentist offering you multiple options and alternatives to correct your complaints or oral health problems?
  • Has the dentist provided you with extensive information about the procedures you’re interested in having done?
  • Have you been given a thorough timeline of when the work will be performed and when your smile makeover will be complete?
  • Have you been offered ways to work within your budget and reasonable payment plan options?
  • Is the dentist patient and kind about answering any questions you have?
  • Most of all, do you feel comfortable with this cosmetic dentist? Do you believe he or she can deliver the smile makeover they promise to deliver?

You will get a sense for a cosmetic dentist’s passion in their work and dedication to perfection from one conversation. You will know whether you can trust them and their dental team and office staff.

There are creature comforts that make a difference in choosing your Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentistry practice too. If you have any anxiety about the dentist, look for a practice that has experience in providing sedation dentistry so you can “sleep” through your dental work and minimize any stress you have about your appointments.

If you’re ready to talk to the NYC cosmetic dentist who can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, contact Dr. Michael J. Wei to have a chat. Get on the road to a new you with the help of an expert dental professional you can trust.