Veneers That Don’t Damage Your Real Teeth

veneers do not damage real teeth nyc cosmetic dentistIf you know anything about porcelain veneers, you know some forms of this smile makeover require the removal of healthy tooth enamel. The result is flawless, smooth, natural-looking teeth, but the permanent undoing of tooth enamel can make some people pause. The good news: You can have a gorgeous smile without being limited to traditional veneers alone. If you want to upgrade your smile without dramatically altering your real teeth underneath in the process, there are other types of veneers to consider for your perfect smile.

Prepless Veneers

Prepless veneers do require a little bit of prep, but not much in comparison with traditional veneers. Teeth are thoroughly cleaned and lightly sanded to rid enamel of any shine, surface stains, and minor imperfections.

Prepless veneers are even thinner than conventional porcelain veneers, which means their color is even more important. The shading of each veneer must be carefully calibrated so it blends well with the natural tooth enamel underneath. Though it’s less-invasive, this prep step is no less important than any other – it’s critical to ready the teeth so nothing interferes with the color and thickness of the permanent prepless veneers.

Microthin Veneers

One of the newest forms of veneers, Microthin veneers are made of incredibly thin porcelain that fits snugly and seamlessly over natural teeth, eliminating the need for any drilling or reduction of tooth enamel. The shells bond to the outer enamel of the tooth and strengthen your entire smile.

Custom-made to adhere directly to the front of the teeth, Microthin and DURAthin veneers do not require the alteration of natural teeth at all. What they do require is a high degree of technical skill and precision, so you only want to see a qualified NYC cosmetic dentist who has earned the proper certification to perform this procedure.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are a strong, reliable smile makeover procedure that is less expensive than porcelain. Made of the same kind of composite resin used for tooth fillings, composite veneers are sculpted directly onto the teeth. They require very little prep work, which means the structural composition of real teeth underneath is kept sound.

Unfortunately, composite veneers are not super-thin and sheer, so they can look more obvious if applied by the hands of a less-than-experienced dentist. They may not damage your natural teeth, but they won’t always be the best favor for your smile as a whole.

Choose the Right Midtown Veneers Dentist

With prepless veneers, Microthin veneers, and even composite veneers, should you choose to reverse the procedure later you will not be left with compromised real teeth underneath thanks to the low- to no-prep required for these smile makeovers.

If you get the right kind of smile upgrade, though, you’ll never want to go back to what you once had. How do you trust that you’ll get it right? The most important factor in every smile makeover equation is the NYC cosmetic dentist you choose to create your new smile. You want a professional who understands the nuances of veneers in all their forms, who is prepared to design a new smile that looks natural in size, shape, color, and translucency.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your smile makeover with Dr. Michael J. Wei, Midtown cosmetic dentist. Learn all about the different forms of porcelain veneers available for your upgrade.