5 Reasons to Get a Kissable Smile Makeover in Midtown

kissable smile makeover nyc cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiWhat makes a smile kissable? Perfection isn’t necessary (though it certainly doesn’t hurt), and for the most part clean teeth and good breath get the job done. If you want something more though, if you’re looking for love and know that a smile upgrade will make you that much more appealing, a kissable smile makeover is worth every bit of the investment.

Here are just some of the reasons to pursue a NYC smile makeover.

1. You’ll be happier.

Sad people don’t get kissed. Happy people get kissed! If you’re smiling because you’re happy, your entire personality will get a boost. That will make you a more enjoyable person to be around, a great person to have on a date, and a wonderful love interest to share the evening with. Do you keep your happiness to yourself because you’re embarrassed by your gummy smile? Laser gum recontouring can change that in one dental visit. When you’re not afraid to show you’re happy, you’ll be more attractive.

2. You’ll be more confident.

Good teeth mean a boost in confidence. If you’ve long been embarrassed by the condition of your teeth and your self-esteem has suffered because of it, no doubt your love life has suffered too. Undergo a smile makeover using porcelain veneers and you’ll become a new, improved version of yourself – someone who is confident, appealing, and knows it. That kind of attitude is kiss-worthy.

3. Your selfies will be better.

Dating online? Whether you’re on Tinder, Match, or any other dating app or platform, you must post pictures of yourself if you want to attract a match. Photos are simply non-negotiable. Better pictures mean more eyeballs on you and your profile and a greater likelihood of meeting the one. If you’re smiling for your selfies with your professionally whitened teeth instead of keeping your mouth closed or always giving a straight face, you’ll invite more matches into your life – and that means a kiss-filled future too (we hope)!

4. You’ll laugh more.

Sure, you won’t laugh until things are funny, but with a smile makeover you won’t feel the need to cover up your mouth when you are throwing your head back to let out your feelings. A simple move like changing out your silver fillings for tooth-colored ones makes all the difference in how you look to others. Eliminating the elements of your smile that make you self-conscious mean that’s one less thing for you to worry about in any situation.

5. You’ll eat and speak more confidently.

Worried about the solidity of your teeth? Do you have ill-fitting dentures or holes in your smile? A secure smile makeover using dental implants can give you back a solid, strong smile. You won’t be embarrassed about eating in front of someone, or worry about how your teeth might betray you in the middle of a conversation. If your smile is complete thanks to customized, natural-looking dental implants, you’ll be ready to pucker up at the end of the date.

Every smile makeover is customized to the patient, but every smile makeover should be eminently kissable because it’s so good-looking. Schedule your smile makeover appointment at Dr. Wei’s Madison Avenue dental office in Midtown, or choose a smile virtual consultation, which allows you to submit photos and a form detailing your concerns and questions and receive a video response with Dr. Wei’s recommendations.