Cosmetic Tooth Bonding: The Quick Fix for Your Smile

cosmetic tooth bonding smile makeover dr michael j weiDo you have a damaged tooth? Are you on a budget? Cosmetic tooth bonding is an amazing cosmetic dentistry solution that can be your quick fix for a smile problem, addressing the matter at hand and preventing it from becoming a bigger issue in the future.

Why You Should Get Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Damaged teeth need to be repaired as quickly as possible. Even if the problem seems like a surface issue – a chipped front tooth or a small crack – any time a tooth is compromised it’s susceptible to further destruction.

Chips and cracks are a route into the tooth for bacteria and food particles. When they accumulate, infection sets in and bigger problems develop. Even if a dental problem seems like merely a cosmetic issue at the start, it could become a major oral health problem that requires a bigger restoration.

In short, you want to get your small dental problem fixed sooner rather than later to save yourself the time, discomfort, and expense of major restorative dentistry.

That’s where cosmetic tooth bonding comes into play.

How Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Works

Cosmetic tooth bonding is an easy, non-invasive procedure that is done quickly and painlessly – and the fix only takes about 30 minutes per tooth. A damaged tooth can be repaired in one affordable trip to the dentist.

Here is how the procedure usually goes:

  • Prep: Sand the tooth enamel and cover the tooth with conditioning liquid.
  • Apply: Brush on tooth-colored resin to build up tooth structure.
  • Bond: Cure the resin with a light so it hardens to the tooth.
  • Shape: Sculpt the newly repaired tooth into a natural shape that blends with neighboring teeth.
  • Polish: Shine the newly bonded tooth.

The damage will be eliminated, your smile will be complete, and you can feel confident that your tooth is strong and secure with your repair.

Versatile Tooth Bonding

Now, cosmetic tooth bonding isn’t only for fixing damaged teeth. This procedure is also ideal for teeth that aesthetically unpleasing. If you’ve long lived with a tooth that you dislike the look of, bonding can make that go away and leave gorgeous-looking tooth enamel in its place.

A chipped, jagged, or discolored tooth can be remade into a beautiful tooth that blends into your smile instead of standing out for being unattractive. Sometimes, tooth bonding can take the place of a porcelain crown. If your tooth is gapped, misshapen, or even developing gum recession, bonding may be a viable repair.

Get Your Smile Makeover with Tooth Bonding

Not all smile makeovers have to be in-depth or require you to dig deep in your pocket. For some people, fixing one or two pesky teeth restores their smile, confidence, and happiness. Bonding is a truly great solution for many patients who want to fix a damaged tooth or upgrade their smile.

Find out if cosmetic tooth bonding can work for you. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his Midtown Manhattan office, or submit a Smile Virtual request online from the comfort of your home.