The Power Duo: Laser Gum Recontouring and Porcelain Veneers

laser gum recontouring porcelain veneers dr michael j weiOne of the most powerful duos in cosmetic dentistry is laser gum recontouring and porcelain veneers. Not everyone needs laser gum recontouring but, if you have complaints about excess gum tissue and the appearance of your teeth, the pairing creates an incredible smile makeover. Bigger and better is what you’ll get with a cosmetic dentistry upgrade made of a gum lift and veneers.

Start with Laser Gum Recontouring

If you have too much gum tissue showing, you may wish you could make this feature of your smile go away without any fuss. Laser gum recontouring delivers fast, permanent results with one procedure and quick healing time.

A laser gum lift can eliminate your gummy smile in just one dental visit if you are living with:

  • Enlarged gums
  • Poorly erupted teeth
  • A short or high upper lip
  • An overgrown upper jaw

Laser gum recontouring creates that much-needed symmetry, removing gum tissue and revealing more tooth enamel so it is in proportion with the gums. This procedure is minimally invasive and only takes about 30 minutes to complete at your Manhattan dentist’s office. Your gums are carefully and meticulously lasered to remove excess tissue and create a flattering gum line.

Finish with Porcelain Veneers

Once you’ve undergone a gum lift, you may look in the mirror and realize that your smile is pretty sweet, but you’d like it to be even better. You are free of the excess gums or short teeth that have long plagued you, but now you’re focused on the stains and discoloration, the gaps, the chips, the misalignment – everything that’s still there Enter porcelain veneers.

Veneers cover up all the imperfections on your teeth for the ultimate smile makeover. Just like a laser gum lift, veneers are carefully calibrated to blend with your appearance and suit your age, gender, face shape, skin color, and more.

Patients have options when it comes to the type of veneers they want, from no-prep to Microthin to traditional veneers. Customized in size, shape, and color, the veneers you choose will deliver that perfect smile you want.

A Permanent Smile Makeover

Together, gum recontouring and porcelain veneers lengthen short teeth, equalize an uneven gum line, make it easier to have healthy teeth and gums, and deliver immediate, dramatic results. If you’re ready for an impressive smile makeover, find out if this powerful pair is right for you.

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