Do You Need Another Teeth Whitening Treatment?

repeat teeth whitening nyc dentist dr michael j weiProfessional teeth whitening works quickly and lasts for years if you take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing daily and seeing your dentist every six months. Eventually, though, the teeth whitening will fade. Can you make it last longer? Can you avoid needing a whitening treatment ever again? Your New York City cosmetic dentist knows the secrets.

How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

Lasers are used to speed up the chemical reaction of the whitening solution that a dentist uses to whiten your teeth. One of the most common laser-whitening procedures is ZOOM. A light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth and a blue plasma light is used to activate the solution. The procedure takes about one hour in the office to complete.

Other speedy in-office teeth whitening treatments include the Rembrandt Sapphire teeth whitening system, the Opalescence Boost Whitening from Ultradent (no light needed), and the powerful KOR Whitening. Each of these options do the same quick and efficient work to make your teeth sparkle.

For those who are good candidates for whitening, surface stains are eliminated and many of the deeper stains embedded in the enamel are blasted apart when the ZOOM light releases oxygen molecules from the hydrogen peroxide. The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide and the isolation of this mixture on your teeth for a significant period ultimately affect how white your teeth get.

Make Your Teeth Whitening Last Longer

An in-office teeth-whitening treatment is powerful. You’ll leave your dentist’s office that day with teeth that are multiple shades whiter and brighter. You’ll also have instructions to avoid staining foods and drinks for several days – like wine, dark sauces, coffee, blueberries – to allow the results time to settle in and take root.

Bleaching your teeth doesn’t last forever, however. Eventually, the whiteness will fade away. There are two ways to avoid this inevitability:

  • Use your customized, take-home whitening trays. You will go home with a lower dose of whitening gel and instructions to whiten your teeth about once a month for 30 minutes to maintain the whiteness. It may be recommended that some patients use the trays once a day for a week post-procedure to lock the bleaching in place.
  • Get in-office touch-ups. In addition to whitening your teeth at home, you can maintain your white teeth with a touch-up at your dentist’s office every six months or so. Ask if you can combine your six-month dental cleanings and check-ups with your whitening sessions.
  • Consider a different cosmetic dentistry treatment. If you want your teeth to be white and stay white, without having to worry about stains or fading, the most effective solution is porcelain veneers. Whether you qualify for microthin, prepless veneers, or conventional veneers, a carefully curated smile makeover like this placed by your NYC cosmetic dentist will last for decades.

Can Your Teeth Be Whitened?

Professional teeth whitening is an impactful, affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment that delivers results. When you have teeth that can be whitened, your dentist’s teeth whitening options will make it happen. Find out what will work for your teeth. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei to learn more or submit a Smile Virtual request online for a convenient virtual consultation.