Fix an Asymmetrical Smile with Porcelain Veneers

asymmetrical smile porcelain veneers dr michael j wei nyc dentistThere’s a crooked smile, and then there’s an asymmetrical smile. The former is a quirky characteristic that gives people charm. It’s unique and attractive. The asymmetrical smile, however, is less beloved, especially by the person who has that kind of smile. This unbalanced smile is usually caused by a functional problem – but it can be corrected with customized porcelain veneers.

Causes of an Asymmetrical Smile

Asymmetry can absolutely be beautiful. Fiddler crabs, for example, are a thing of beauty in Mother Nature with their one large claw and one small claw. Smiles, however, aren’t designed to be lopsided, with one side larger or more prominent than the other. Symmetry, in short, is more attractive than asymmetry, especially if you are embarrassed by this characteristic and wish you didn’t have it.

Asymmetrical smiles are typically caused by one of the following two issues:

  • Teeth grinding: When you grind your teeth unconsciously at night and don’t have a mouthguard to run interference between upper and lower jaws, you will eventually wear away at your tooth enamel. Teeth become worn down on one side of the mouth so that, when you smile, your grin looks asymmetrical.
  • Gum recession: Gum recession is often a side effect of teeth grinding. Extreme pressure on the teeth from each other, night after night, will eventually lead to receding gums. This is not only an aesthetic problem that creates that “long in the tooth” look and makes gum disease and tooth decay far more likely to occur, it can create an asymmetrical smile where the damage done is far more severe on one side of the mouth than the other.

Get a Balanced Smile with Veneers

A balanced smile is beautiful, and an asymmetrical smile can be beautiful too – if that’s the smile your DNA intended for you to have. If the asymmetry in your grin is caused by unwanted teeth grinding or other oral health issues, it’s time to figure out how to stop the problem and correct the unwanted unsightliness it has caused.

Veneers eliminate any imbalance in your smile. Because they are customized in shape and size, veneers are designed to build up your smile where it’s been broken down. If teeth are shorter on one side because they’re worn, the veneers can be slightly thicker or longer to make up for the difference. The beauty of veneers as a smile makeover procedure is that every element of them is unique to you and your smile – from size to shape to color to length to thickness.

Together, you and your NYC cosmetic dentist will work together to design the ideal porcelain veneers for your smile.

Say Goodbye to an Asymmetrical Smile

There are several types of veneers available, and it’s important to discuss every viable option with your Midtown dentist to find out which option is right for you, from traditional veneers to prepless veneers to Microthin veneers. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his Midtown dental office to learn more or submit a Smile Virtual video consultation to get a personalized video response.