Has Zoom Made You Self-Conscious About Your Smile?

zoom smile makeover dr michael j weiIf there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that so much of life can carry on virtually. Work, school, socializing, even dating – it can all happen through a computer or phone. However, many people have discovered that the teeth they were once self-conscious about are now an even bigger problem because they’re front and center on every Zoom or FaceTime call. Virtual living isn’t going away anytime soon, which means it’s time to start thinking about a smile makeover.

Dental Problems Highlighted by Zoom

Some professionals spend hours of their working day participating in Zoom meetings with coworkers, clients, customers, and students. If you’re the person who runs the meetings or teaches the class, you do most of the talking, which means your teeth are a focal point. People are listening and people are watching – you.

There is only so much that the most carefully situated ring lights can do to conceal the problems you have with your teeth. Sure, the right white light might make your enamel look a little less yellow, but there isn’t anything that can fill gaps, straighten teeth, or replace a missing tooth.

Your peers will be examining you more closely than ever because the only part of you they can observe is from the neck up – and your smile is smack dab in the middle calling for attention whether you like it or not.

By the Skin of Your Teeth

Advanced Dermatology recently surveyed almost 1,500 Americans who regularly participate in video calls. They wanted information about how using Zoom has affected their perception of themselves.

  • 85% are now more self-conscious about their appearance after seeing themselves on video calls.
  • 73% are less happy with their appearance now than pre-pandemic.
  • 59% have bought products or changed beauty routines specifically because of video calls.
  • People are most self-conscious about their forehead, bags under the eyes – and their teeth.

Invest in Your Appearance with a Smile Makeover

The same study found that 61% of participants are more interested in cosmetic procedures based on what they have seen of themselves on video calls. So if you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry treatments to transform your smile, here are the most popular options:

  • Professional teeth whitening (takes about an hour)
  • Porcelain veneers (Microthin veneers don’t alter your natural teeth)
  • Invisalign treatment (no one will notice the trays over the screen)
  • Dental bonding (fix a pesky misshapen or discolored tooth quickly)

Virtual Dentistry Exists Too

Guess what? Even dentistry can be done virtually – some of it anyway. Submit a Smile Virtual video consultation to Dr. Michael J. Wei to discuss all the elements that are stressing you out about your smile and get a personalized video response with recommendations about what smile makeover procedures might work best for you.

Then, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his Midtown cosmetic dentistry office on Madison Avenue. We want you to feel good in person and online, whether you’re on video, in photos, or face-to-face with someone. Allows us to help you achieve a new smile you’re proud of. Contact us today to get started.