See Your Smile Makeover Before It’s a Reality

smile makeover technology dr michael j weiAre you someone who likes to try before you buy? Satisfy your need to consider all options when it comes to getting a smile makeover too. Your NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei uses smile design software and Smile Virtual consultations to show you all your options and give you time to decide what’s best for your new smile.

Designing Your New Smile with Technology

Creating a new smile with cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry requires vision and artistry. That’s right – artistry. Dr. Wei builds miniature works of art in your mouth to create a cohesive masterpiece and that takes planning and patience.

Smile Design can involve any of the following technologies or a combination of them:

  • Tablet technology: Using an iPad and Apple Pen, Dr. Wei designs the outcome of a smile makeover over a photo of your current smile. Just a few small sketches allow him to help patients envision what their smile could look like when corrected using the most effective cosmetic and restoration dentistry treatments.
  • Digital smile design: This software delivers a careful analysis of a patient’s facial and dental structures using state-of-the-art videography and digital technology. You can visualize what your smile will look like, view multiple makeover options for transforming your smile, and share these potential changes with others before you decide.
  • Smile Virtual: Some patients like to begin small with their smile makeover adventure, not even seeing their Manhattan dentist in person yet. Instead, they participate in a Smile Virtual consult online, submitting a photo of themselves, explaining their concerns, and waiting for a personalized video response and recommendations.

Take Your Time with Your Smile Makeover

All these options for planning a smile makeover are no-obligation opportunities. Talk to your dentist about your hopes and ambitions for your teeth, get recommendations, see what is possible for you, but don’t feel like you’re locked into any changes until you’re ready.

  • Consult: Consultations are a chance to submit your case and concerns to your NYC cosmetic dentist and get feedback in return. Expert input on your smile and how it can be better is invaluable, and knowing what’s possible for your smile makeover allows you to really consider what’s next for your oral health.
  • Question: Ask all the questions you have about every smile makeover option. How invasive will the procedure be, what is the budget, could anything go wrong, how long will the results last? Your dentist is prepared to give you all the details you want – and hopes you will ask for them.
  • Commit (or not): You are not committed to working with any particular dentist or dental office just because you do a consult with Dr. Wei. These informative services have no strings attached. We simply want you to see what’s possible, and if you want us to perform work on your teeth, we will be honored.

Get a Smile Makeover at NYC Dentist Near Me

Get in front of Dr. Wei and let him show you just how amazing your smile makeover “after” picture can be with the right cosmetic dentistry treatments. Whether you need to close gaps, lengthen teeth, eliminate stains, reshape the gum line, or align your teeth, the possibilities are endless. Find out more. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wei at his Midtown dental office.