Porcelain Veneers: The Magic Number You Need

number of porcelain veneers dr michael j weiWhen someone undergoes a smile makeover and gets porcelain veneers, they don’t end up with a veneer on every tooth in their mouth. The most visible teeth typically get the veneer treatment, whether you’re getting the traditional porcelain shields, Microthin veneers, prepless veneers, or otherwise. It’s a customized cosmetic dentistry treatment, often accompanied by other dental procedures to deliver a complete, flawless new smile. Here’s how to figure out your magic number.

1 or 2

Some patients have a few problematic teeth that bother them or interrupt an otherwise beautiful smile. In some cases, these can be corrected with porcelain crowns, but veneers are often the best solution for broken-down front teeth.

8 to 10

Patients who have decent bottom teeth but are unhappy with their top teeth will often invest in eight to 10 porcelain veneers to correct their smile. This is the most common transformation. Correcting just the top teeth covers up everything you dislike about the appearance of your smile, and the procedure is often accompanied by professional teeth whitening on the remaining teeth so all teeth are white, bright, and beautiful.


Then there is this patient – Helena. She came to Dr. Wei with crooked teeth, rotated teeth, an uneven smile, and inflamed gums. After 20 personalized veneers and about five weeks of treatment, all her problems were corrected. The veneers were placed on the top and bottom teeth for a full smile transformation. Patients who undergo this treatment often have 10 veneers on top and 10 on the bottom or 12 on top and eight on the bottom.

Customizing Your Porcelain Veneers

Every smile makeover is unique and every veneer is personalized in size, shape, color, length, translucency, and more. No two smiles that are created by your Manhattan cosmetic dentist are ever the same – and that includes how many veneers are right for your smile makeover.

There are several factors that influence the number of veneers that’s ultimately settled on for your new smile:

  • The condition of your teeth: Teeth can be unsightly but still healthy. If yours are broken-down and require restorative dentistry, that will need to occur first to make sure the veneers are being placed on a healthy foundation.
  • Whether you have a narrow smile: If you want to broaden your smile and eliminate the dark areas in the corners, veneers are built to the correct thickness, length, and width and will typically number between 10 and 12 to complete this alteration.
  • Comfort level: There are different types of veneers, some that require barely any prep and do not change the condition of your natural teeth. Some patients prefer this less invasive option.
  • Budget: Cost is always a factor when it comes to major cosmetic dentistry. No matter what kind of smile makeover a patient wants, there are reasonable and affordable financing plans available to make every smile dream come true.

Be confident about the expertise of your NYC cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael J. Wei. He carefully weighs every patient’s concerns, questions, and unique teeth to give them a customized smile that is flattering and beautiful. You will always have the right number of veneers with Dr. Wei, and a life-altering smile. Schedule your consultation today to get started on your makeover.