How to Prep for Your NYC Smile Makeover Consultation

nyc smile makeover dr michael j weiEvery NYC smile makeover begins with a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. During that visit you undergo a dental exam, have digital images taken, and discuss the hopes for your smile upgrade. So that you can knowledgeably contribute to the conversation and feel confident that you know what you want for your teeth, it helps to do some prep work. Here’s how.

Ask Yourself What You Want

Before you step foot in your dentist’s office, ask yourself what a perfect smile means to you. Do you want teeth that are straight and bright white? Keep in mind that it’s important for your smile makeover to look realistic too. Your dentist can achieve whatever look you want, but also listen to his advice about what will be best for your appearance.

Teeth that are too white, too straight, and too perfect can easily appear fake. If you’re working with an experienced cosmetic dentist, he will construct a new smile that gives you the parameters you want while maintaining a natural look. Believe the experts when they say the perfect smile is a smile that’s perfect for you alone and carefully customized to your personality and features.

Collect Evidence

You know exactly which celebrity smiles you covet the most. Whether you swoon every time you see the teeth of Idris Elba or Anne Hathaway or feel envy when Sofia Vergara or Brad Pitt bestows a big smile, your likes are subjective and real, so let your cosmetic dentist know your preferences.

Be prepared to describe your smile makeover goals, and present images of your favorite smiles. Start an album on your phone that collects the best of the best in one place. Your Manhattan cosmetic dentist will get the picture very quickly.

  • Collect photos of smiles you admire and point out what you love.
  • Gather smiles you don’t like and be prepared to explain why.
  • Identify smile quirks that make you happy, like pointy canines or a small front tooth gap.
  • Show photos of people who resemble you and whose smiles you like.

You and your NYC cosmetic dentist are designing your smile just like you design a room in a home – except this upgrade is permanent. Through careful examination of face shape, skin tone, and other features, you and your dentist will determine how to transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry treatments like prepless veneers, porcelain crowns, or full-mouth reconstruction.

Know You’re Making an Investment

Every NYC smile makeover is a major investment – and it’s worth it. Well-done dental work lasts for decades and transforms lives instantly by boosting self-esteem and improving appearance. There is no way to deny that a carefully crafted smile makeover is good for you. If you want to make a difference in your professional, social, or personal life, the transformation of your smile will have an incredible impact.

Get the smile makeover you’ve always wanted from Dr. Michael J. Wei, NYC cosmetic dentist in Midtown Manhattan. Schedule a consultation to get started.