Get Natural-Looking Veneers from NYC Cosmetic Dentist

Anyone who wants veneers of course worries whether their teeth will look natural once the smile makeover is completed. When you work with an experienced NYC cosmetic dentist, you can be sure that all the components will be correct and the finished smile flawless.

The Planning Stage

Every veneers smile makeover begins with thorough planning.

  • Consultation: First your dentist will conduct a dental exam and take digital images to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.
  • Selection: You must choose the type of veneers you want. There are several options, from traditional to prepless.
  • Design: You and your NYC cosmetic dentist will work together to settle on the components for your smile makeover, from color to length, and whether you need other cosmetic dentistry treatments to accompany this change.

Types of Veneers

All the veneers offered by your NYC cosmetic dentist are natural-looking and unique to you. Here are some of the basics about each kind:

  • Microthin veneers: Custom-made to adhere directly to the front teeth, Microthin veneers do not alter natural teeth in any way or threaten the integrity of your tooth enamel.
  • Traditional porcelain veneers: A small amount of enamel must be removed from natural teeth to make room for the veneer. The result is a gorgeous smile makeover, but some patients balk at altered teeth.
  • Prepless veneers: Prepless veneers are aptly named. Teeth only need to be lightly sanded and cleaned to eliminate surface stains and imperfection and make room for these thin veneers.

Veneer Components

It doesn’t matter what kind of porcelain veneers you get, it’s the components and how they are created that make all the difference between a natural-looking smile and a fake-looking one.

  • Color: There is more to choosing the color of veneers than selecting white porcelain. The teeth underneath this cosmetic enhancement impact the final shade, a factor that every experienced cosmetic dentist knows to balance.
  • Thickness: Some veneers need to be thicker than others, especially if they’re building out a narrow smile or small teeth. You want a dentist who understands that maintaining a thin layer of porcelain on top of your teeth makes them look natural.
  • Translucency: The translucency of a veneer is one of the most important components of this cosmetic dentistry treatment. Many people think color is everything, but without the right translucency a smile makeover will be flat and fake. A carefully calibrated amount of light ensures that every veneer reflects like natural teeth.
  • Balance: Too-perfect teeth can look fake. The right kind of veneers are shaped so they flatter a person’s face shape, mouth shape, and overall appearance. You want excellent-looking veneers, you don’t want them to look so perfect they appear fake.

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