How to Get a Perfect Smile in New York City

perfect smile manhattan dentistWhen you live, work, and play in New York City, everything is at your fingertips, including cosmetic dentistry and your vision of a perfect smile. Dr. Michael J. Wei has built an impeccable reputation as a smile makeover perfectionist and, at his Madison Avenue dental office, he uses innovative procedures, gentle care, and meticulous technique to create beautiful smiles every day. It’s your turn to enjoy the privilege of a perfect smile, and all the perks that come with it.

NYC Dentist Fulfills Your Dreams of a Perfect Smile

How often have you dreamt about having perfect teeth? Have you envisioned yourself smiling wide, smiling often, getting pleasant reactions from people, and feeling super-confident about your appearance? Choosing the right cosmetic dentistry treatments – and the right Manhattan cosmetic dentist – will help you achieve perfection.

Some of the most popular and powerful cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments at our Midtown dental office include:

  • Porcelain veneers: Veneers are responsible for creating those megawatt, celeb-worthy smiles. Teeth are perfected in all ways with incredibly thin porcelain shields. Size, shape, color, and length are all customized to complement your appearance and make your smile look completely natural. Plus, veneers are stain resistant, so taking care of your smile makeover and maintaining it is easy.
  • Dental implants: When you’re missing teeth because of an extraction, gum disease, or accident, you need to replace those teeth to protect your jawbone, the shape of your face, and the positioning of the surrounding teeth. Dental implants look natural and feel natural, and they are a permanent restoration that finishes an otherwise incomplete smile in both appearance and function.
  • Teeth whitening: Professional teeth whitening remains one of the most popular smile makeover choices for its efficiency and effectiveness. In just about one hour your teeth can be multiple shades whiter. Even if your teeth have alignment flaws, you will still feel like you have a perfect smile if it’s gleaming white.
  • Lumineers: For the patients who crave a smile makeover like porcelain veneers without the invasiveness, Lumineers by Cerinate get the job done. Just as powerful as veneers, Lumineers are contact-lens-thin pieces of porcelain that hide all manner of imperfections on your teeth, building that perfect smile without any dramatic alterations to your natural teeth.
  • Porcelain tooth crowns: A versatile restorative dentistry treatment, porcelain tooth crowns can cover unsightly teeth, permanently stained teeth, and damaged teeth. They protect teeth that have undergone a root canal, and serve as anchors for a dental bridge. If you’re having a multi-procedure smile makeover, it’s likely that crowns will be on the menu, and that’s a good thing.

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect smile. For most, the definition is this: Straight, white, and utterly flawless teeth. Some patients achieve perfection through a one-procedure smile makeover. Other patients need a little more TLC and require dental restorations and a solid foundation before any cosmetic enhancements can be completed.

There are multiple routes to a perfect smile, and anyone can have their teeth and gums improved under the hands of a talented and experienced dentist. Discover the best route to your own smile perfection with the help of Dr. Wei.

Helena R Smile Before After PhotoThe Many Benefits of a Perfect Smile

When you opt for a smile makeover, you look forward to the reality of living with a smile that functions properly, feels good, and looks amazing. What you may not have considered are the many other ways a gorgeous smile can transform your life. With the right procedures, you can look:

  • Happier.
  • Younger.
  • Healthy.
  • More intelligent.
  • More accomplished.
  • Like a VIP.

These perks can transform your daily life. Realizing that others perceive you differently will give you the confidence to pursue professional, social, and personal goals that may have, at one time, seemed completely unreachable.

Get a Perfect Smile in Midtown Manhattan

Are you desperate to have a perfect smile? Even if your teeth are in great disrepair or you think there is no hope for your oral health, don’t wait any longer. Contact Dr. Wei to schedule your consultation. He will examine your teeth and gums, make recommendations about what’s possible for your smile now and in the future, identify treatments that are right for your schedule and time constraints, and get you on the path to smile makeover perfection.