Is Vaping Destroying Your Oral Health?

vaping oral health midtown manhattan dentist dr michael j weiYou’ve seen people vaping, you may even vape yourself. While e-cigarettes have been marketed as safer than smoking, this trend has taken a downward turn with the outbreak of lung injuries that regular vapers have begun to suffer. This revelation shouldn’t come as a shock. When large clouds of vapor envelope the head with every puff, well, that can’t be healthy. Now, the question is: What kind of effect does vaping have on oral health?Read more

Porcelain Bridge or Dental Implant? Ask Your NYC Restorative Dentist

dental implant porcelain bridge nyc restorative dentistA few missing teeth have a major impact on your appearance. If you’re embarrassed to smile wide or feel like people are always distracted by the holes in your smile, it’s time to figure out how to make this problem go away. Restorative dentistry from your NYC dentist is customized to your unique oral health needs, whether the right solution is a porcelain bridge, dental implant, or otherwise.Read more

Top 3 Restorative Dentistry Options for Missing Teeth

missing tooth restorative dentistryMissing teeth are problematic in many ways. They not only leave gaping holes in your smile, which is distracting and unappealing, these spaces can actually make you look unhealthy and older than you actually are. Plus, missing teeth aren’t doing your mouth any favors when it comes to biting and chewing food. Whether you’re missing a molar or otherwise, all missing teeth are important and should be replaced. The question is, what’s the best restorative dentistry option for filling in the spaces?Read more

3 Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Your Broken Crown

Restorative dentistry porcelain crownPorcelain tooth crowns are incredibly strong. They’re also versatile and can serve as a repair for a fractured tooth, prevent a weak tooth from fracturing, anchor a bridge, fill gaps or spaces between teeth, hide tooth discoloration, or restore uniformity to oddly shaped teeth. Crowns are not infallible, however, and after a few decades of use or the unwise decision to attempt to open a bag with your teeth, one wrong bite down can dislodge the crown.Read more