Top 3 Restorative Dentistry Options for Missing Teeth

missing tooth restorative dentistryMissing teeth are problematic in many ways. They not only leave gaping holes in your smile, which is distracting and unappealing, these spaces can actually make you look unhealthy and older than you actually are. Plus, missing teeth aren’t doing your mouth any favors when it comes to biting and chewing food. Whether you’re missing a molar or otherwise, all missing teeth are important and should be replaced. The question is, what’s the best restorative dentistry option for filling in the spaces?Read more

3 Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Your Broken Crown

Restorative dentistry porcelain crownPorcelain tooth crowns are incredibly strong. They’re also versatile and can serve as a repair for a fractured tooth, prevent a weak tooth from fracturing, anchor a bridge, fill gaps or spaces between teeth, hide tooth discoloration, or restore uniformity to oddly shaped teeth. Crowns are not infallible, however, and after a few decades of use or the unwise decision to attempt to open a bag with your teeth, one wrong bite down can dislodge the crown.Read more

Dr. Wei Named America’s Top Dentist for 2016

american top dentist 2016 bigManhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei has been named America’s Top Dentist for 2016, an award given to dental professionals who provide outstanding dentistry services to their patients. Bestowed by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, this honor marks the 11th time Dr. Wei has been named Top Dentist. Since 2005, he has been lauded for his exemplary service and expertise as a general dentist, restorative dentist, and cosmetic dentist in New York City.Read more

Emergency Dental Visits Increase After St. Patrick’s Day

Emergency dental visits St Patricks DayWith St. Patrick’s Day comes celebrations, green beer, drunkenness, revelry, and, yes, fighting. While these activities may seem more like clichés than tradition, the reality is this: Teeth get knocked out on St. Patty’s Day. According to data provided to CNBC, emergency dental visits go up after this holiday – in fact, ER dental visits go off the charts at 64 percent nationwide, and the data is based on the average number of dental visits that occur on March 18 versus a full one-month average of dental visits.Read more

4 of the Most Versatile Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry Solutions

restorative dentistry cosmetic dentistryWhen you have an aesthetic complaint about your teeth that would benefit from cosmetic dentistry, or you have an oral health problem that requires restorative dentistry, the options about what’s available for your care can be confusing. What’s the best choice? What will last the longest? What will give you the most bang for your buck? A consultation with your cosmetic and restorative dentist is the best place to begin so you can have a professional really tell you what’s going on with your teeth. In some cases, several types of treatments are viable options. Here are some of the most versatile solutions you’ll find.Read more

Addressing the Unique Dental Needs of Baby Boomers

baby boomer dental needsLife expectancy is far better than it used to be. We’re living about three decades longer than previous generations – and that means we want our teeth to stick around for the long haul too. It used to be that when people reached a certain age they resigned themselves to a future of dentures. While some people do use dentures successfully – and this option has come a long way in recent years as a smile solution – there are other cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry solutions that are permanent and just as life-changing, making those extra years you have to live far more fun and carefree.Read more