For the Ladies: Attract the Love of Your Life with a Smile Makeover

smile makeoverThere are plenty of love potions, diets, and special moves that promise to help women find their pheromone-friendly love match. Though it would be nice to believe that love develops from genuine and honest communication alone, cerebral sparks aren’t enough. The physical attraction must be there too and, especially when it involves a man looking at a woman. The conclusion? If you’re a heterosexual woman seeking love with the opposite sex, you need to show your smile some love with a smile makeover to get his attention.Read more

Hey, Serious New Yorkers: Here Are 6 Benefits of Smiling

manhattan smile makeoverIf you don’t love your teeth, then you probably don’t smile very much. And when you do smile, you likely have thoughts such as, “OMG, did they see my stained teeth? Are they judging my dark fillings? Did I hide that hole in my smile?” The last thing you want to feel as you walk the streets of Manhattan is self-conscious. Even though serious faces are the norm in this urban destination, good teeth are always in style, whether you model or waitress, trade stocks or go to college, deliver pizzas or conduct charity work.Read more

Should You Choose a Facelift, Fillers, or a Smile Makeover?

smile makeover faceliftFacelifts are making a comeback, according to new data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), while soft-tissue fillers (used primarily for lip augmentation) ranked #2 in the list of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Here’s what you may not have known: Plumper lips, elevated cheeks, and fewer fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth can also be achieved through a smile makeover.Read more

Are Your Teeth Aging You? A Smile Makeover Is Your Fountain of Youth

smile makeover fountain of youthAging gracefully is a tall order, especially if every time you look in the mirror all you see are jowls or a broken-down smile. One of the toughest things to accept about aging is that there is often nothing you can do to combat the problems you face. This reality isn’t true, however, when it comes to your smile. A smile makeover can revitalize your appearance and make you look years younger.Read more

Want to Be a Celeb? Get a Smile Makeover in Manhattan

smile makeover in manhattanEvery day, people come to New York City hoping to get their start in entertainment, film, news, modeling, or theatre. For so many, the concern is that they don’t look right. Too thin, too heavy. Too exotic, too traditional. Too normal, not normal enough. Your teeth play a role in the success or failure of your entertainment career. A smile makeover can be the element that gets you noticed, cast, and in front of audiences. A smile can make or break your celeb status.Read more

Baby Boomer Oral Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Treatable

Oral health of baby boomersThe Baby Boomer generation is living longer thanks to healthier lifestyles and access to better and more frequent health care. The majority of this demographic will also keep their natural teeth throughout their entire lifetime, due in part to benefits such as water fluoridation and fluoride toothpaste (brushing and flossing daily doesn’t hurt either). Nevertheless, living longer means a greater risk of developing oral health problems.Read more

5 Ways to Show Your Smile Some Love

show your smile love smile makeoverInstead of being overly concerned about what expressions of love you may or may not receive from that special someone in your life on February 14, figure out how to make Valentine’s Day a success on your own. If you feel like you’re just not representing yourself in the best way, ask yourself if it’s because you’re ashamed of your smile. Are you worried about how people perceive you when you open your mouth? Whether you’re single or married, dating or divorced, your smile matters, and the state of your smile affects how you present yourself to others.Read more

Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei Honored with New York Top Dentist Award for 2017

new york top dentist 2017 full sizeManhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei has received the honor of being named New York Top Dentist for 2017. This merit-based award, given by the Top Dentists Division of USA Top Docs, is bestowed upon a dental professional who has undergone a rigorous review process by the Top Docs staff, including a comprehensive qualification questionnaire, research, and an in-depth screening process.Read more

Celebs Who Are Famous for Not Getting a Smile Makeover

Steve Buscemi - smile makeoverActors, musicians, professional athletes – they want to be known for their talents, not their appearance, right? Maybe, maybe not. Some celebs choose to live with the smiles they have rather than alter their look too dramatically with a smile makeover. Others are so well-known for their not-so-perfect teeth that changing their look after years in the spotlight could actually harm rather than help their career.Read more

Staging Is Everything: Disguise Imperfections with a Gorgeous Smile

staging smile makeoverThink of your smile like interior design or home staging. The room may be cramped, the furniture worn, the lighting too dark, but if the focal point of the room is spectacular, then the whole place just seems to look complete. Even if you’re sporting a few extra pounds, could use a new hairstyle, or feel like your wardrobe needs a serious overhaul, your teeth can make you appear completely pulled together. Achieve that sweet spot with a smile makeover.Read more