Want More Kisses? Get a Customized Smile Makeover

kissable smile makeoverWomen who are interested in health kiss their husbands 11 percent more than women who are not interested in health, according to a recent kissing survey conducted by the online dating site eHarmony. Presumably, these women are also focused on their oral health because, it’s safe to say, both men and women with exceptional smiles and clean teeth are far more kissable than those who don’t pay much attention to the health of their teeth and gums. These women are probably sporting fine smiles that make them far more kissable. Do you have the same kind of kissing luck in your romantic life?Read more

The Real Story Behind Demi Moore’s Missing Front Teeth

Demi Moore smile makeoverDemi Moore admitted to Jimmy Fallon on a recent appearance on The Tonight Show that she is, in fact, missing her two front teeth. Viewers didn’t have to take her word for it – Fallon had a photo showing the major hole in the celeb’s smile. While plenty of celebrities are sporting porcelain veneers, Lumineers, and other types of smile makeovers, Moore’s reveal is refreshingly honest in a culture that is all about perfection. The reasons behind Moore’s imperfect smile, however, are one of the more fascinating – and baffling – elements of her situation.Read more

Does Marijuana Hurt Your Oral Health?

marijuana and oral healthA New Zealand study found that long-term cannabis use is associated with periodontal disease. However, this same study compared cannabis users and tobacco users, finding that cigarette smokers and nicotine users had far worse periodontal health (not to mention other negative health effects) than users of marijuana. So, just how bad is marijuana for your teeth, and are there any oral health pros to cannabis use?Read more

Do the Bachelors on “The Bachelorette” All Have Smile Makeovers?

bachelorette smile makeoverIf you take the time to scroll through the photos of the bachelors who are competing on this season of The Bachelorette, you may notice one thing: They all have pretty great-looking teeth. So, what’s the secret? Photoshop? Are these single gents born with perfect teeth? Chances are, they know just how much teeth matter when it comes to finding love (and when you’re on reality TV), and they’ve pursued smile makeovers before photos are taken and filming begins.Read more

How Long Will It Take to Complete My Smile Makeover?

smile makeover timeOne of the biggest questions Manhattan dental patients have about smile makeovers is how long the procedures take. The answer, of course, depends on the type of cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry you choose to undergo. It is possible, however, to provide estimates about the timeline of your individual smile makeover.Read more

Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei Attends AACD Conference

Dr Michael J Wei AACD 2017When you are thinking about getting a smile makeover, you want the best Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist to transform your teeth. You also want to be a patient of the dentist who strives to be the best. Dr. Michael J. Wei pursues every opportunity to expand his cosmetic dentistry education through advanced dental training and continuing education. His most recent effort was attending the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) conference.Read more

Would You Visit These Fictional Dentists for a Smile Makeover?

Ed Helms fictional dentist smile makeoverDentists may not have any dental-dedicated television shows that dramatize their profession like doctors and lawyers do. However, characters who are dentists make their fair share of appearances in movies and TV shows. The portrayals of dentists in pop culture – from nerdy and boring to sadistic and abusive – have created stereotypes for the profession that can make some patients fearful and make others laugh. Here are a handful of the more memorable fictional dentists, though most of them are unlikely to get an endorsement as someone to visit for a quality smile makeover.Read more

Don’t Fall for Trendy “Natural” Teeth Whitening Methods

trendy teeth whiteningWhite teeth are coveted by plenty of people in Manhattan. How those gleaming smiles are achieved does vary. A professional teeth-whitening treatment from your Midtown cosmetic dentist is the wisest, safest, and most effective option. However, many people are looking for a quick and inexpensive fix. Ultimately, going with an over-the-counter solution or a trendy whitening technique could do more harm than good (and be more expensive in the long run).Read more