Midtown Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei Attends 34th AACD Conference

cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. WeiDr. Michael J. Wei and his Madison Avenue cosmetic dentistry practice are known for offering technological innovations, advanced procedures, and masterful smile makeovers. Dr. Wei’s attendance at events such as the 34th American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Conference, held in Chicago from April 18-21, 2018, further his achievements in continuing dental education, and inform his ability to offer the most modern dental approaches to his patients.Read more

Dr. Wei Completes Advanced Continuing Education Course at Acclaimed NYU College of Dentistry

full-mouth reconstruction NYC dentistManhattan is not only home to award-winning NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei, it’s also the city where dentists come to expand their expertise. The New York University College of Dentistry offers the Linhart Continuing Education Program, catering to practicing dentists, oral health professionals, biomedical scientists, clinical researchers, and dental educators. In April, Dr. Wei completed a full-mouth rehabilitation course hosted by the NYU College of Dentistry on aesthetics, occlusion, and dental implants.Read more

4 Ways to Ease Yourself Into a Smile Makeover

ease yourself into a NYC smile makeoverThere are many anxious dental patients in New York City. There are also just as many patients who are desperate to do something to improve the appearance or functionality of their teeth. It can be a challenge to help a smile makeover come to life when you have fears about being in the dentist’s chair, but there are plenty of ways to ease yourself into a smile makeover and get the amazing results you want.Read more

Get Your Springtime Smile Makeover in Midtown

springtime smile makeover in midtownIt’s finally spring in New York City! Often accompanying the debut of long-awaited warmer weather is the desire to look like the best version of yourself after hiding away all winter. This is the season when people are motivated to work out more, freshen up their wardrobe, and change their hairstyle. One effort that will complete your “spring cleaning” now and for the foreseeable future – a stunning smile makeover.Read more

Have a Damaged Tooth? A Porcelain Tooth Crown Is Your BFF

porcelain tooth crown BFFsA damaged tooth is a major inconvenience. It can feel strange or painful and it doesn’t look good. However, the last thing you want to do is drag your feet and wait to repair a problem tooth. Teeth do not fix themselves. You may be lucky enough for the problem to stay the same until you have time to address it with your New York City dentist. More likely, the tooth will become worse and will then require a bigger dental intervention.

What many patients are surprised to discover is that their dental problem is easily repaired with a versatile and dependable porcelain tooth crown.Read more