Cast Your Vote for a Perfect Smile

vote for perfect smile manhattanThe midterm election is over, but you and your New York City cosmetic dentist can work together in a bipartisan effort to create the perfect smile. Every dental procedure is appropriate for every party, whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or otherwise. A perfect smile transcends the political, because your teeth are one thing that you can absolutely fix, and the only vote that matters is your own.Read more

Get a Perfect Smile or It Will Haunt You Forever

perfect smile new york city cosmetic dentistWhen you look back at photos from the big moments in your life, do you have any regrets? Maybe you wish you were thinner, had different hair, wore more stylish clothes or, most of all, had better teeth. Do you still have subpar teeth now? You don’t have to keep them. That perfect smile can be achieved with cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and a personalized smile makeover.Read more

A Perfect Smile Matters, Especially in Manhattan

perfect smile in manhattanFor some people, being a New Yorker is about the ability to blend in, while others are looking for a platform to stand out. There are Manhattanites who revel in the permission to be themselves without judgment. And there are NYC residents who believe that how you look makes all the difference between success and failure, whether socially, professionally, or personally. Whatever category you fit into, there is one element of who you are that works across the board – a perfect smile.Read more

Perfect Smile. Better Social Media

perfect smile better social media nycYou probably have at least one social media account. You might have two, or three, or more. Whatever way your face is out there for others to see, your smile is front and center too. Are you getting the likes you want, the attention you want? Are you posting a lot because you know you look good or do you stick to memes and non-smiling shots of yourself because you’re embarrassed by your teeth? A perfect smile will make your relationship with social media so much better.Read more

6 Ways a NYC Smile Makeover Turns You Into the Total Package

NYC smile makeover total packageWhether you’re seeking a love match, audition, invitation, networking, or job offers, a NYC smile makeover is the ingredient that can turn you into the total package.

You’ve tweaked this and upgraded that, but if you feel like something is still missing, it’s time to evaluate your smile. It will be easy to promote yourself and give every element of your life a boost with flawless teeth.Read more

Are You Going Back to School with a Perfect Smile?

back to school perfect smileNew books, bags, sneakers, jeans, pencils, pens – there are plenty of supplies that students, teachers, and parents need for a fresh school year. Looking beyond the obvious, however, is a sure way to get the fall off to a bright start. A perfect smile is the accessory you didn’t even realize you needed, whether you’re learning, teaching, or otherwise.Read more

Couples Who Smile Together Stay Together

perfect smile for couplesSmiling impacts how you feel and how you make others feel. Does smiling keep you in love? Perhaps, if smiling is accompanied by kind words and thoughtful gestures, but it’s the quality of your smile that matters too. Not only does a perfect smile make you more attractive, if you’re happy about the condition and appearance of your teeth, you’ll be more confident in love and in life. Maybe marriages last when the people who are in them smile together.Read more

Could the Keto Diet Impact Your Perfect Smile?

keto diet perfect smile nycIt makes sense that if you want your smile to look good, you want the rest of your body to look good too. This might include a steady exercise regimen and a different way of eating, such as the keto diet which, along with its buddies the paleo and fasting diets, has made a name for itself recently. Quick weight loss solutions work magic for some people and get them to their desired number on the scale, but you might be surprised to learn how this regimen impacts your perfect smile.Read more