Looking for a Black Friday Bargain? Porcelain Veneers Are the Only Way to Shop

porcelain veneers bargainYou will hear about the deals and quick fixes for smiles. However, making the wrong purchase can have you regretting that you ever fell for a bargain, especially when it comes to your teeth. How many times have you bought over-the-counter products, hoping for a smile miracle? Your teeth don’t get whiter, straighter, or more beautiful with barely any effort. Porcelain veneers are a transformative cosmetic dentistry treatment that is customized and carefully and perfectly applied to your teeth. You don’t get that kind of miracle from a bottle or a beauty store.Read more

8 Reasons You Need a Smile Makeover

reasons you need a smile makeoverIt’s age, you say. I’ve spent years drinking coffee and wine, you say. That’s just how my teeth look, you say. There are plenty of excuses for stained, discolored, broken-down teeth, but that doesn’t mean you must live with a smile you don’t love. Pursuing a smile makeover helps restore your faith in yourself. Stop hiding and start smiling. Read more

Complete Your Smile Makeover Wish List

smile makeover wish listTinsel, twinkle lights, and ornaments can already be found right beside pumpkins, scarecrows, and Halloween candy. While we don’t necessarily endorse celebrating one holiday before the other has even passed, we do encourage you to give some thought to your smile makeover wish list this time of year or any other.Read more

Want a Permanent Costume? Choose a Smile Makeover

smile makeover costumeHalloween is the time of year to dress up and pretend you’re someone else, at least for a few hours. Maybe you pop in a set of vampire fangs, or perhaps you’re a mime who doesn’t open their mouth at all. If you find yourself seeking out a costume that doesn’t draw any attention to your teeth, it’s time to think about why you’re concealing your smile. If you’re embarrassed or self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, the costume you need to be considering – permanently – is a smile makeover.Read more

Perfect Your Fangs with Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers fangsThe canine teeth (aka eye teeth) flank the front incisors in a human’s mouth. Some people have pointy, prominent canines, making these teeth the perfect accessory when dressing like an immortal for Halloween. There was even a recent Japanese trend to make this fang-look permanent, not so people could resemble someone in Dracula’s family tree, but to be more attractive. In the U.S., however, unless you’re working an unusual job in Manhattan or are in favor of an undead cultural shift, many people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their canine teeth choose porcelain veneers as a solution.Read more

Can Lumineers Fix All Your Dental Problems?

Lumineers Midtown ManhattanLumineers are the cautious dental patient’s answer to a new smile. Lumineers are also a versatile and all-encompassing solution to a variety of dental problems. Nearly identical to porcelain veneers, Cerinate Lumineers are natural-looking and flawless, and the procedure used to apply them is typically categorized as gentle and non-invasive. Fix all your dental problems at one time with one cosmetic dentistry treatment? Yes, please.Read more

Improve Your Confidence with Porcelain Veneers

improve confidence with porcelain veneersAmericans may be recognizable abroad for their preference for perfect teeth, but is there anything wrong with that? A gorgeous smile can benefit you personally, professionally, and socially. In the U.S., straight, white teeth are a symbol of success. If you recognize this reality, and your teeth don’t look as good as you would like them to, then there is a good chance your confidence is affected by the state of your smile.Read more

Ready to Buy After NYFW? Porcelain Veneers Are Your Best Accessory

porcelain veneers new york fashion weekNew York Fashion Week is over, but now it’s time to satisfy appetites for the finer things. Consumers want the trendy clothes, shocking shoes, and finest accessories. However, there is one big style secret designers can’t help you with: If your smile doesn’t complement your attire, no one will notice the designer you’re wearing – they will only see your less-than-fashionable smile. Porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile smile “accessories” that will work with every piece of your wardrobe, no matter the season.Read more