Dr. Wei Earns Certification to Provide Microthin Veneers Smile Makeovers

microthin veneers dr. michael j wei nyc cosmetic dentistNo-prep veneers. Super-thin veneers. No alterations to natural teeth. These characteristics all describe Microthin and DURAthin veneers – and NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei is certified to give his patients smile makeovers using this latest dental innovation. “I am excited to provide these two new brands of ‘no-prep’ porcelain veneers to my patients,” says Dr. Wei. “I am always in search of the latest and greatest techniques and materials to create beautiful smile makeovers.”Read more

Dr. Michael J. Wei Named Top General and Cosmetic Dentist

2019 Top Doctor Award 300x383Doctors selected for an award from the Top Doctor organization are considered at the top of their field. Dr. Michael J. Wei is no exception, and this year he has been honored as a Top General and Cosmetic Dentist by Top Doctor. “I am extremely happy and privileged to receive this distinction,” Dr. Wei said. “I am committed to providing my patients with life-changing smile makeovers and am pleased to be recognized in my field. I share this award with my entire team.”Read more

Which Type of Veneers Is Right for Your New Smile?

veneers nyc cosmetic dentist dr. michael j weiThere are so many types of veneers: porcelain veneers, prepless veneers, Lumineers, composite veneers. What are the differences? The similarities? There is a lot to learn and consider. The most important element, though, is finding a Midtown cosmetic dentist who is adept at placing all of these veneers so you can be sure that, whatever veneers you choose, you will end up with a gorgeous, flawless smile makeover.Read more

6 Things You’re Doing That Stain Your Teeth

cosmetic dentistry tooth stains midtown dentist dr. michael j weiWhitening toothpastes are not the solution to every tooth stain. In fact, they can be abrasive to teeth, making them even more susceptible to stains and discoloration. If you have realized that your teeth are losing their luster, you don’t have to live that way. Change your habits, see your dentist, and figure out the best cosmetic dentistry solution to brighten your smile.Read more

Teachers, Do You Need a Back-to-School Smile Makeover?

back to school smile makeover for teachers midtown cosmetic dentistCollege classes are underway, primary and secondary schools are days away from starting, and teachers are getting used to the new normal as is the case every fall. Whether you teach at a private school or public school, the demands are the same – know your stuff, teach the kids well, help them excel, and do it all with a smile. If your teeth aren’t in great shape, it’s time to get yourself a back-to-school smile makeover.Read more

Makeup Can’t Fix Worn-Out Teeth

makeup worn-out teeth cosmetic dentistry nycMakeup can make you look younger, fresher, and more contoured. Redness, blemishes, dark circles, age, spots, and even some wrinkles can disappear or at least fade with carefully and strategically applied makeup. If your teeth look old, discolored, or otherwise imperfect, however, even the most experienced makeup artist can’t conceal the obvious. The only way to truly hide a worn-out teeth is to fix it, permanently.Read more