‘Tis the Season for a Smile Makeover

tis the season for smile makeover nycIf you celebrate Christmas, there’s a good chance you spend weeks shopping for just the right gifts for the people you love. The question is: What do you really want from Santa? If a smile makeover is on your list, you could wait to see what pops up in your stocking or under the tree, but sometimes you must take matters into your own hands.Read more

A Smile Makeover: Your Sweetest Black Friday Deal

smile makeover black friday nycIf you’re a deal-hunter, Black Friday may be the day you look forward to all year. Whatever stokes your bargain-hunting nature, if you’re looking for a deal when it comes to teeth, you can find it. Cosmetic dentistry in New York City is within your reach and budget. When a smile makeover is customized to your needs, you know you’ll get exactly what you want for the value you want.Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry: A Key Element in Your Anti-Aging Efforts

cosmetic dentistry anti-aging NYCIf you’ve reached a certain age, you’re feeling changes in your body and, most of all, you’re seeing changes on your face. If a dedicated exercise routine, better diet, facial fillers, and all manner of anti-aging efforts are on your calendar, don’t forget to save room for cosmetic dentistry. People in search of an effective, long-lasting way to combat the years that are marching all over their face are thrilled to discover smile makeovers residing in that fountain of youth.Read more

Cast Your Vote for a Perfect Smile

vote for perfect smile manhattanThe midterm election is over, but you and your New York City cosmetic dentist can work together in a bipartisan effort to create the perfect smile. Every dental procedure is appropriate for every party, whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or otherwise. A perfect smile transcends the political, because your teeth are one thing that you can absolutely fix, and the only vote that matters is your own.Read more

Get Halloween-Ready with a Quick Smile Makeover

halloween smile makeover nycSome people plan all year for Halloween, prepping their costume and accessories carefully so they’re ready for every event of the season. Other people wait until the last minute to throw together a spooky, sweet, or sultry getup. If you fall into the latter category, or shun costumes in general, it’s probably safe to say you’re in need of a speedy smile makeover too, even if you’re only going for the candy and drinks.Read more

Get a Perfect Smile or It Will Haunt You Forever

perfect smile new york city cosmetic dentistWhen you look back at photos from the big moments in your life, do you have any regrets? Maybe you wish you were thinner, had different hair, wore more stylish clothes or, most of all, had better teeth. Do you still have subpar teeth now? You don’t have to keep them. That perfect smile can be achieved with cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and a personalized smile makeover.Read more