Customize Your Porcelain Veneers

Violeta P Smile Before AfterCan you envision yourself with natural-looking, perfect teeth? Make your dream a reality. Porcelain veneers are meticulously customized to every patient. No matter how your teeth look now, you can get a perfect smile, thanks to veneers and the expert skills and knowledge of Dr. Michael J. Wei, Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist.

Personalizing the Characteristics of Porcelain Veneers

You want a flawless smile, but you don’t want it to look fake. That makes porcelain veneers the most powerful way to upgrade your smile. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to veneers – they are completely customized.

The dental lab creates your veneers one by one based on the directions of your cosmetic dentist. First, though, you and your dentist will discuss all the characteristics of your veneers so they are fabricated just right for your smile.

Choose Your Color Carefully

You want your teeth to be white, of course, but veneers can be too white. They’re so white that they look unnatural. An experienced NYC cosmetic dentist will guide you in determining the most appropriate and flattering veneer color for your skin tone, the whites of your eyes, age, and even gender.

You can expect to hear feedback from your dentist about every bit of your veneer customization, but he will be especially vocal if he knows there will be too great of a contrast between your teeth and skin color for the veneers to look natural.

Ultimately, the color of your veneers is up to you. Can you pull off the white-white teeth sported by so many celebs? Maybe. Ask all the questions you have, take a good long look at all the samples of veneers. What color can you live with? Take your time with this important decision. Make multiple appointments if need be. This is one choice you don’t want to make hastily.

Understand Translucency and Value

Translucency is an essential component of the color and shade of your veneers, allowing a lot or a little light pass through the veneer. Some might say translucency is the most crucial element of your smile makeover, making them reflect light and look as natural as possible.

Translucency is also affected by the color of your natural teeth below the veneers. People with yellower teeth may need a soft white porcelain, while patients with darker enamel may be better-suited for an opaque veneer. The value – or brightness – of the veneer comes into play here too, combining with the translucency to create an overall balanced tone.

Getting these critical elements just right is one of the reasons you want to work with an experienced New York City cosmetic dentist. There is no room for error.

Get Clarity on Size and Shape

Once color and translucency have been determined, you and your dentist will focus on choosing the right porcelain veneer tooth shape.

Teeth that are shaped to have rounded edges are considered feminine and create a softer look. Flatter, square-shaped teeth are considered masculine and create a more dominant look. The veneers can be designed to combine feminine and masculine elements, younger and mature elements, oval and sharper styles for a truly customized smile makeover.

You want a cosmetic dentist who will spend time with you in determining the shape of your veneers. Create a library of pictures of celebrities who have teeth you admire. Create a library of teeth you don’t like. Your collaboration with your dentist and your certainty about the kind of smile you want is what creates truly unique teeth.

Say Yes to Personalized NYC Porcelain Veneers

Remember that a new smile creates a new you. You can reinvent yourself completely with a beautiful, porcelain-veneer smile. Make your appointment with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his cosmetic dentistry office on Madison Avenue. Find out what’s possible for your smile makeover and whether porcelain veneers are right for you.