Tooth Extractions – General & Preventive Dentistry Services

By Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS – Manhattan New York City Dentist

Do you have a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed and needs to be removed?

Tooth ExtractionsDr. Wei provides tooth extraction if repairing your damaged or decayed tooth is not practical and the tooth needs to be removed. Plus, Dr. Wei can provide you with a “Smile Makeover” by replacing your missing tooth (or teeth) by using a prosthetic tooth and dental bridges or dental implants.

Advantages of Tooth Extractions:

  • Tooth extractions can be used to remove broken, cracked, or badly decayed teeth which are causing you pain and making it embarrassing to smile.
  • Can be used to remove teeth with advanced gum disease (periodontal disease).
  • Can be used for teeth which are too damaged making them unsuitable for root canal treatment.
  • Can be used to remove badly positioned or nonfunctional teeth.
  • Extracting a tooth (or teeth) can make room for new teeth and a complete Smile Makeover. Dr. Wei is a TOP Manhattan cosmetic dentist who will give you a beautiful smile that will turn heads and open doors for you.
  • A painless procedure – Dr. Wei’s sedation or “sleep” dentistry services will virtually eliminate pain, stress and anxiety during your tooth extraction procedure.

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