Your Smile Makeover Resolution for the New Year

New Year resolution smile makeoverEven if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, or you think those whispers to yourself or declarations to all who will listen are just a set-up for failure, we implore you to give resolutions another chance. This time, make a promise to yourself that involves becoming a better you – and opt for the one thing that is guaranteed to make you look happier, healthier, younger, and better: a smile makeover.Read more

Is Your Smile Ready for Love? 5 Reasons You Need a Smile Makeover

smile-makeover-ready-for-loveWhen the holidays roll around, one of the things single people often focus on is their relationship status, or lack thereof. This is a time of year when people take stock of their lives, where they’re going, where they’ve been, where they want to be – and who they want to be doing all of these things with. However, if you’re alone in Manhattan, the biggest contemplation might be, “What’s wrong with me?” Have you ever taken the time to consider if your smile is holding you back from finding love?Read more

Are People Talking About Your Bad Teeth?

whispering about bad teethWhen you have bad teeth, you know it. You very likely go to great lengths to hide your teeth when you smile or talk, or perhaps you don’t say much at all or smile very often because you’re embarrassed about how your teeth look. It would be untrue to say that people aren’t judging you because of your teeth, especially in the concrete jungle. While anything goes in Manhattan, damaged or missing teeth are still not on the list of acceptable accessories. But you can change all of that with one decision – getting a smile makeover.Read more

The ABCs of a Smile Makeover

Back to school smile makeoverIt’s back-to-school season, when grown-ups are on the hunt for pencils, notebooks, and creative lunch box ideas for their kids. You want your children to be the best versions of themselves, but what about you? You don’t have to be in college, grad school, or taking a continuing education class to learn something new and important. August and September are an ideal time of year for adults to educate themselves about self-improvement and smile makeovers and take action to become a smarter-looking you.Read more

Famous Fathers with Notable Smiles

Steven Tyler smile makeoverOne of the jobs of a father is to set a good example for his children, to help them find their confidence and be proud of who they are, flaws and all. There are plenty of famous fathers who are known for their exploits or big mouths or contributions to society and, along with these characteristics, the following fathers are known for their notable smiles, even if they’re not completely perfect.Read more

Smile Makeover or Natural Beauty? Female Celebrities with the Best Teeth

Julia Roberts smile makeoverWhat woman hasn’t looked at a fashion or lifestyle magazine and thought, “My goodness, that woman has the best teeth.” Celebrities might have the means to easily secure a smile makeover for themselves, but getting a new smile isn’t exclusive to Hollywood. You can achieve smile perfection too, just like celebs do.Read more

Which Bachelors Need a Smile Makeover on The Bachelorette?

smile makeover the bacheloretteTonight, on ABC, JoJo Fletcher debuts as the newest The Bachelorette. If you skim through the bachelors who are vying for her heart, you’ll see that the majority of them are flashing their pearly whites for the camera. But some are not – and that makes you wonder, is something wrong with their teeth? What else are they hiding? Have they succumbed to the rumor that women are not as attracted to men who smile often?Read more

Mind the Gap? Might Be Time to Schedule a Smile Makeover

Lindsey Wixson gap teethWhat you consider your biggest smile flaw, some people consider their best asset. Gap teeth are a hot commodity for today’s celebrities. Models (Lara Stone, Lindsey Wixson, Georgia May Jagger, Abby Lee Kershaw, Vanessa Paradis) with gap teeth are in high demand. And of course there are actors (Laurence Fishburne, Andy Samberg), actresses (Lauren Hutton, Anna Paquin, Uzo Aduba), hosts (David Letterman, Michael Strahan) and musicians (Madonna, Elton John, Seal) who have long rocked their gaps. Whether you are embracing what you were given or are seeking to make a change, there are cosmetic dentistry solutions to fit your needs.Read more

A Smile Makeover, Not Lipstick, Will Rejuvenate Your Face

lipstick smile makeoverUnderstandably, when age begins to step all over your face, you want to find a solution and quickly. You may go through skin creams galore, trying to identify that one magic formula. Simultaneously, you may use makeup to create a miracle. While there are certainly lipstick shades that can brighten your teeth, the solution is temporary at best. A smile makeover, however, is everlasting.Read more

Does Your Presidential Candidate Need a Smile Makeover?

Presidential smile makeoverPolitics are all about looks, and at the same time they’re hardly about looks. The state of our nation is what’s really at stake, but what would newspaper caricaturists have to do all day if there weren’t politicians to mock? After all, most of the candidates running for president fit into a certain demographic, which includes questionable hair, well-earned wrinkles, and worldliness. But if we were voting to put someone in the highest office in the nation based on their teeth, how would the current Democratic and Republican presidential candidates fare?
Read more