Graduate with a Smile Makeover to Start Your Career

smile makeover graduation dr michael j wei nyc

smile makeover graduation dr michael j wei nycYou’ve spent years working hard on your degree or certificate and now it’s time to take your knowledge into the world and land the job you’ve always wanted. No hiring manager is looking at a photo of you on your resume but, whether you like it or not, your appearance matters – and your smile is the first impression you make in an interview. Invest in your future and career with a customized smile makeover that gets you ready for NYC and beyond.

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Want to Save Time? Spend Time on a Smile Makeover

smile makeover time cosmetic dentistry dr michael j wei

smile makeover time cosmetic dentistry dr michael j weiAre you self-conscious about your teeth? Do you spend hours every day overcompensating for the state of your smile? If you actively work to avoid showing your teeth, or make sure you wear bright lipstick, bold earrings, or other accessories that steal the show over the focal point of your face, it’s time to put one big smile makeover effort into your teeth and save time, energy, and embarrassment for good.

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Smile Makeover Self-Care: Fall in Love with Your Teeth

nyc smile makeover self-care dr michael j wei

nyc smile makeover self-care dr michael j weiThe most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself. If you don’t love you look or how you present yourself to others, if you are embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth and rarely smile for fear of revealing your teeth to people, it’s time to prioritize dental self-love. One of the best ways to make that happen is with a customized smile makeover. Changing your teeth is a powerful choice and, once you see the difference, you’ll fall in love with your smile and yourself.

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If You’re Dreaming of New Cosmetic Dentistry in the New Year…

new cosmetic dentistry new year dr michael j wei nyc

new cosmetic dentistry new year dr michael j wei nycIf you underwent cosmetic dentistry decades ago, chances are things might be starting to deteriorate a little. This is normal, but it isn’t something to tolerate. You don’t want to allow bacteria and plaque to enter your teeth or wait for your smile to fall apart. Modern cosmetic dentistry materials will repair and transform any negatively affected teeth and make them healthier, stronger, and last longer, plus you’ll have a permanent flawless smile that makes you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

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Featured Smile Makeover: The Power of a Smile Transformation

Brittany M Face After 220x256

Brittany M Face After 220x256Facially driven aesthetics is at the top of the list for Dr. Michael J. Wei, Manhattan cosmetic dentist, when it comes to smile makeovers. “When I design a beautiful smile, I look to fill out the smile, create facial balance, and improve the overall vitality and color of the teeth in the smile frame.” In other words, a smile makeover from Dr. Wei means you will have better teeth and look like the best version of yourself – just like the perfect smile featured here.

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How Many No-Prep Veneers Does Your Smile Need?

how many veneers dr michael j. wei nyc cosmetic dentist

how many veneers dr michael j. wei nyc cosmetic dentistWhen you want a smile makeover and you want it to be transformed with no-prep veneers, you’ll have a conversation with your NYC cosmetic dentist about the right number of veneers for your teeth. There are different configurations that are right for every patient, and you’ll be given guidance and recommendations when it comes to what’s appropriate for your new smile.

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