6 Ways a NYC Smile Makeover Turns You Into the Total Package

NYC smile makeover total packageWhether you’re seeking a love match, audition, invitation, networking, or job offers, a NYC smile makeover is the ingredient that can turn you into the total package.

You’ve tweaked this and upgraded that, but if you feel like something is still missing, it’s time to evaluate your smile. It will be easy to promote yourself and give every element of your life a boost with flawless teeth.Read more

Does Your Instagram Need a Smile Makeover?

instagram smile makeoverInstagram is the place to be when it comes to social media and, of course, that means photos. Without pics, you can’t communicate through this platform. The Instagram Stories are popular and give people a glimpse of what you’re up to, but have you shied away from showing yourself too much because you’re embarrassed by your smile? Your Insta story might disappear after 24 hours, but you live with those teeth 24/7. Maybe now is the time for your smile makeover.Read more

4 Ways to Ease Yourself Into a Smile Makeover

ease yourself into a NYC smile makeoverThere are many anxious dental patients in New York City. There are also just as many patients who are desperate to do something to improve the appearance or functionality of their teeth. It can be a challenge to help a smile makeover come to life when you have fears about being in the dentist’s chair, but there are plenty of ways to ease yourself into a smile makeover and get the amazing results you want.Read more

Get Your Springtime Smile Makeover in Midtown

springtime smile makeover in midtownIt’s finally spring in New York City! Often accompanying the debut of long-awaited warmer weather is the desire to look like the best version of yourself after hiding away all winter. This is the season when people are motivated to work out more, freshen up their wardrobe, and change their hairstyle. One effort that will complete your “spring cleaning” now and for the foreseeable future – a stunning smile makeover.Read more

Expanding the Definition of a Smile Makeover in Midtown Manhattan

smile makeover in Midtown ManhattanWhen you hear the word “makeover,” it may bring to mind movie montages that have characters turning into better versions of themselves, or house flipping that requires a major overhaul. The phrase “smile makeover” may make you think of reality TV shows where participants undergo major cosmetic dentistry as just one part of a head-to-toe transformation. The actual definition of a cosmetic smile makeover, however, is open-ended. In fact, a smile makeover is made up of only the dental procedures that you want and need, as long as the result is a flawless, functional smile that makes you feel confident.Read more

Your Smile Makeover Resolution for the New Year

New Year resolution smile makeoverEven if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, or you think those whispers to yourself or declarations to all who will listen are just a set-up for failure, we implore you to give resolutions another chance. This time, make a promise to yourself that involves becoming a better you – and opt for the one thing that is guaranteed to make you look happier, healthier, younger, and better: a smile makeover.Read more

Is Your Smile Ready for Love? 5 Reasons You Need a Smile Makeover

smile-makeover-ready-for-loveWhen the holidays roll around, one of the things single people often focus on is their relationship status, or lack thereof. This is a time of year when people take stock of their lives, where they’re going, where they’ve been, where they want to be – and who they want to be doing all of these things with. However, if you’re alone in Manhattan, the biggest contemplation might be, “What’s wrong with me?” Have you ever taken the time to consider if your smile is holding you back from finding love?Read more