Professionals Who Benefit from Manhattan No-Prep Veneers

Manhattan no-prep veneers Dr. Michael J. Wei professional smile makeoverNo matter where you work, no matter what you do, a smile makeover will work wonders for your self-esteem, job performance, reputation, and confidence. There are some careers, however, where an upgraded smile can make all the difference when it comes to achieving success. If you’re considering a resume tweak or are eager to change jobs or land a promotion, examine your smile in the mirror first and determine if Manhattan no-prep veneers could be the path to climbing the ladder in your field.


Whether you are drawn to stage or screen, acting requires a certain look. Maybe you’re okay with being the actor with the not-so-perfect teeth, maybe you’re fine with being known for bad teeth. Most people, though, would rather be remembered for their performances, and gifting yourself with a gorgeous smile will help you land more roles and look more like the superstar you want to be.


From selling real estate to clothing, anyone who’s in the business of persuasion must use every tool at their disposal to come out on top – and that includes their teeth and smile. Did you know that a good smile created with cosmetic dentistry not only makes you more attractive and look younger, it makes you look more competent and knowledgeable? Your job is to say the right words to get the sale – and it’s also your job to deliver those words through good-looking teeth.


If you spend any time on social media, you know how much looks matter. You might be making videos or posting photos, but the bottom line is your face figures prominently in nearly every post you make. No one wants to follow an influencer who doesn’t look their best – and no company wants to make a deal with an influencer who doesn’t adequately represent their product. Good teeth can make or break your online reputation.


From preschool to graduate school to continuing education, it doesn’t matter what level you teach at or whether you teach in person or online. Your face and mouth are front and center all the time. Your students are always looking at you and evaluating you, whether you like it or not. You want these people to remember what you’re saying, not be distracted by less-than-perfect teeth.

Legal or Banking Professionals

Any white-collar position is a shoo-in for a smile makeover. You elbow with colleagues, clients, and customers day and night in Manhattan and how your teeth look is a major part of who you are to others. You want to be memorable, persuasive, and on top of things and having a stellar smile will get you there.

Manhattan No-Prep Veneers for Professionals

You can opt for imperfect teeth and professional teeth whitening, which creates the illusion of perfection, or you can do a complete smile makeover with Manhattan no-prep veneers that cover up every imperfection and deliver gorgeous, customized teeth that are just right for you. Porcelain veneers are personalized to you and your look, but also your smile goals. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei in his Midtown dental office to learn more about what’s right for your teeth, your job, and your future.