The Art of Crafting NYC Prepless Veneers

art of nyc prepless veneers dr michael j weiWhen you decide to get cosmetic dentistry, specifically NYC prepless veneers, recognize that this type of smile makeover is a process. Outlining the design of the veneers, determining their characteristics, and taking time to live with the idea of your new teeth is all part of the art of crafting NYC prepless veneers.

The Customization of Porcelain Veneers

Getting cosmetic dentistry is a big deal, and you want to work with an expert who is clear on the many aspects of perfecting veneer treatment. To properly customize prepless veneers, the work involves:

  • Color choice: White comes in many shades, from bright white to candlelight. The best white for your veneers will vary based on skin tone, age, even the whites of your eyes. You want veneers to look natural so take your time making this color decision until you’re sure you can live with the shade you’ve selected, whether it’s a notice-me bright white or a subtle shade of flawless perfection.
  • Translucency: A term like translucency can feel inaccessible, but it is an essential component of veneers. Level of translucency is what allows light to pass through veneers so they look natural. Translucency is also affected by the color of your natural teeth under the veneers – the authentic shade of your enamel determines what kind of white is appropriate for a balanced smile makeover.
  • Size and shape: No one wants teeth that are too small, and you don’t want teeth that are too big. Your dentist will discuss feminine rounded edges if that’s the way you want to go, or you can discuss square-shaped teeth that are more masculine-looking. Maybe a combo of these elements is the right choice, along with size and shape features that lend themselves to youth, age, or otherwise.

Expect your Manhattan cosmetic dentist to have a lot to say about the entirety of prepless veneer customization. The goal is to make your teeth look amazing and look like you hit the dental DNA lottery. Take your experienced dentist’s advice so you can get the best results.

The Art of a NYC Cosmetic Dentist

There are all types of art and all types of smiles. From portrait painters to sculptors, illustrators to fabric artists, photographers to makeup artists, the physical art that comes alive under the hands of experts is magical. Your NYC cosmetic dentist is an artist too with the ability to make one-of-a-kind personalized smile creations that look natural.

Dr. Michael J. Wei is well-known for his perfectionism and innate ability to craft new smiles out of porcelain. Every aspect of prepless veneers is considered, as well as the symmetry of a patient’s smile and smile makeover personalization. There are so many ingredients that must blend seamlessly to create an authentic-looking new smile. Dr. Wei knows how to make that happen.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wei at his Midtown dental office or submit a Smile Virtual consultation and receive a personalized video response offering guidance about the next steps in your cosmetic dentistry journey.