Featured Smile Makeover: Minimal Prep Veneers Fill Out a Small Smile

Justina D Face After Smile Makeover 220x256Big smiles made of gorgeous teeth are memorable smiles. Small smiles are memorable too, but not necessarily in a good way. Patient Justina wasn’t happy with the aesthetics of her smile because of her short teeth and several other problems. Dr. Michael J. Wei, NYC cosmetic dentist, transformed her smile into something stunning.

Justina’s Smile Complaints

Everyone has their own list of problems with their smile – you want it to be whiter, broader, healthier, and so on. Justina’s biggest teeth complaints included:

  • Short teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Gummy smile
  • Misalignment
  • Cross bite

Justina also had two old, faulty anterior porcelain crowns that were sporting open margins as well as cavities – a common problem within deteriorating dental work. She had a narrow arch smile with negative spaces, meaning when she smiled you could barely see six teeth at once because they were situated behind each other. And the midline of her teeth was off, giving her an uneven smile with teeth that were not proportional in shape and size.

While it might have seemed daunting to want a whiter, fuller, straighter smile and longer teeth with all these issues going on, for Dr. Wei this was a challenge he could easily handle and he delivered a stunning smile makeover.

Justina D Composite Before Smile Makeover 540x1015The Transformation of Justina’s Short TeethJustina D Composite After Smile Makeover 540x1015

Short teeth don’t do smiles any favors. They can make a person look juvenile or unhealthy and they aren’t flattering. Cosmetically lengthened teeth are carefully crafted to be symmetrical with their neighbors and deliver the true route to natural-looking smile perfection. Here’s how Dr. Wei made it happen for Justina:

  • Correction: Cavities and other dental problems always need to be diagnosed and corrected before any cosmetic dentistry can be done. Justina needed tooth decay under her old crowns removed and then received new replacement crowns.
  • Beautification: Wei used 10 minimal prep porcelain veneers to build out Justina’s smile. This type of veneer does not require the shaving down of natural teeth, but they are crafted to fit over your teeth to give the right size, shape, and color of smile.

After this cosmetic dentistry, Justina’s teeth are now brighter and longer and her midline and bite were improved. All you need to do is look at the before and after photos of this patient to see that her smile is wider and more balanced. Confidence – recharged.

Expert Cosmetic Dentist in New York City

“The power of a beautiful smile can enhance your face, and of course a picture is worth a thousand words,” says Dr. Wei. “When I design a beautiful smile, I am looking to fill out the smile, create facial balance, and improve the overall vitality and color of the teeth in the smile frame. I love this amazing smile transformation!” 

View Justina’s full case on Dr. Wei’s Instagram page @DrMikeWei, or on his smile gallery on his website. See the change occur right before your eyes as the slider goes from old Justina to refreshed Justina.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your own smile, submit a Smile Virtual consult or schedule a consultation at Dr. Wei’s office in Midtown Manhattan. Your teeth can be stunningly beautiful too – and you deserve it.