NYC Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mike Wei Reaches 134,000 Instagram Followers

drmikewei instagram

drmikewei instagramInstagram is a wild world with plenty of unique accounts to follow and engage with. There is nothing, however, quite like Dr. Mike Wei’s Instagram account. His photos of smile makeovers, descriptions of teeth transformations, and endorsements from satisfied patients have catapulted this NYC cosmetic dentist to over 134,000 followers. After all, who doesn’t love to see good teeth? Who doesn’t love to dream of their own potential new smile?

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Cosmetic Dentistry Will Make Your Influencer Status Skyrocket

influencer cosmetic dentistry dr michael j wei

influencer cosmetic dentistry dr michael j weiWhether you are an established influencer, aspiring influencer, or just aiming to entertain the masses who follow you, how you look affects your popularity on social media. If you invest in cosmetic dentistry, perfect teeth will make you stand out among your competitors and peers. You’ll not only be known for your talents and cleverness, you’ll be known for your stunning smile.

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5 Restorative Dentistry Procedures to Make You Love Your Smile

love your smile restorative dentistry

love your smile restorative dentistryFalling out of love with your smile can happen in an instant. You have an accident or take a blow to the mouth and end up with damaged dental work, broken teeth, or missing teeth. You never have to live with any of these setbacks. Every oral health problem is fixable – every problem. There is a restorative dentistry solution to correct your damaged teeth so you can fall in love with your smile that looks even better than before.

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Microthin Veneers: The Conservative Approach to a Perfect Smile

conservative smile makeover microthin veneers dr wei nyc

conservative smile makeover microthin veneers dr wei nycVeneers conceal everything a person dislikes about their smile, from chips and cracks to stains and discoloration, gaps and misalignment to short teeth and excess gums. Yes, one cosmetic dentistry treatment can do all that and more. Many people drag their feet about getting veneers though because they’re worried about the invasiveness of the procedure. Worry no longer – it’s time to talk Microthin veneers.

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The Ultimate Fix for Short Teeth and a Gummy Smile

short teeth gummy smile dr michael j wei nyc cosmetic dentist

short teeth gummy smile dr michael j wei nyc cosmetic dentistPeople who are unhappy with their gummy smile are typically living with short teeth too. An excess of gum tissue covers up tooth enamel, making a smile look juvenile and incomplete. When you work with an experienced cosmetic dentist who has an exceptional eye for symmetry and design, you can change these unwanted characteristics and get the ultimate fix for a big, white, beautiful smile.

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You Are Only 3 Steps Away from a Perfect Smile

perfect smile virtual consultation nyc cosmetic dentist dr wei

perfect smile virtual consultation nyc cosmetic dentist dr weiIf you want to improve your teeth, if you want a perfect smile that makes you look younger, happier, healthier, glamorous, and fabulous, you’re only three steps away from that reality. A Smile Virtual consult has made smile makeovers possible for more people than ever before, showing cosmetic dentistry patients exactly what can be done to a smile they may have always thought was unfixable.

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