5 Warning Signs of Worn-Out Teeth

worn-out teeth restorative dentistry nyc dentist dr michael j weiWorn-out teeth are a side effect of aging, but problems with your teeth and gums can also appear at a younger age. If your teeth don’t look right or if your smile is painful and experiencing problems again and again, you may be a candidate for restorative dentistry or full-mouth reconstruction. It’s important to be aware of the signs of worn-out teeth so issues can be addressed before they become emergencies.

1. Worn Tooth Enamel

If you are someone who grinds and clenches their teeth, especially during sleep, your enamel can suffer. Tooth enamel protects everything inside a tooth – the root, pulp, and dentin – but when it begins to wear down, this mars the appearance of your teeth and leaves enamel susceptible to bacteria, which means a greater likelihood of decay and infection. If you have naturally thin tooth enamel, this complication becomes an even bigger problem. If you’re suffering from repeated cavities, you may need sealants or inlays or onlays.

2. Broken or Chipped Teeth

A broken or chipped tooth may only be cosmetically compromised. But, quite often, the problem goes beyond the surface. A tooth that is damaged far more likely to succumb to tooth decay because it isn’t properly protected by all its enamel. Bacteria and food particles can set up residency and wreak havoc. Dental restorations like porcelain crowns can make a compromised tooth more robust and fully functional again.

3. Mouth Pain

Worn-out teeth are not only an aesthetic issue, they are a physical and functional one too. Mouth soreness and discomfort are two major signs of worn-out teeth. Chronic jaw pain could indicate a TMJ problem or overall bite issue. Neuromuscular treatments or a night guard can help in many cases, while a course of Invisalign can realign the mouth and eliminate pain.

4. Tooth Pain

When you have a toothache that just won’t go away, that’s a sign of tooth decay or infection. The pain will not stop or go away on its own. The only way through it is to fix it. When a toothache is determined not to be decay, there could be another issue in play, like teeth grinding. Chronic clenching can cause pain, as well as worn tooth enamel and gum recession, both major problems that make a person susceptible to oral health problems.

5. Difficulty Eating or Altered Speech

If you have difficult biting, chewing, or talking, then something isn’t quite right with your jaw and teeth. These basic functions should come easily when all your teeth are in alignment and healthy. If your discomfort comes from loose teeth, there is a good chance you may be suffering from gum disease, which will need to be addressed and corrected before any dental restorations can be done to beautify your smile.

Correct Your Worn-Out Smile

Restorative dentistry is designed to correct worn-out teeth. Cosmetic dentistry makes teeth look natural and flawless. A combination of these procedures can form the bones of a patient’s customized full-mouth reconstruction. Possible treatments can include all those mentioned above as well as dental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth extraction, tooth-colored fillings, dental bonding, and more.

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