Is Stress Ruining Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

stress cosmetic dentistry dr michael j wei nycQuality cosmetic dentistry is made to last. Whether your smile makeover consists of porcelain veneers or dental crowns, your Manhattan cosmetic dentist does the kind of meticulous work that is necessary to keep every upgrade securely bonded in place. Unfortunately, the side effects of stress can quickly derail a healthy, beautiful smile.

The Side Effects of Teeth Grinding

Stress is not only an emotional and mental experience, it can often turn into a physical problem – and show up in your teeth. Stress can appear in your body in many ways, from muscle tension to headaches, gray hair to weight gain. When you start to hold onto stress in your teeth by grinding and clenching them, jaw pain is almost inevitable – and so is damage to your cosmetic dentistry.

If you have headaches, a sore jaw, swollen gums, jaw pain, and other oral health discomforts, these are signs that damage to your dental work isn’t far behind. Teeth grinding could:

  • Crack a tooth-colored filling
  • Break a porcelain crown
  • Chip a porcelain veneer
  • Damage a dental bridge
  • Wear down capped teeth

Many patients qualify for an easy fix that will stop the teeth grinding from wreaking havoc on their cosmetic dentistry – a customized mouthguard. Wear this appliance nightly and you will have immediate relief from all the side effects of teeth grinding, and ideally protect your cosmetic upgrades from deteriorating.

Depression and Anxiety Can Negatively Affect Your Smile Makeover

For some people, stress can lead to depression and anxiety. Either of these mental health conditions can cause people to act differently than normal, skip their usual routines, and not prioritize their oral health.

If you neglect daily oral hygiene at home, you’re doing your teeth a disservice and putting all your cosmetic dentistry upgrades at risk as well as your natural teeth. For a smile makeover to last, you must brush and floss daily and make your teeth a priority. This also includes seeing your NYC dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning and check-up. This is when your teeth not only get scoured by professional tools to remove pesky bacteria and plaque build-up, but your dentist can also identify areas for concern or cosmetic dentistry that is at risk of damage from the side effects of stress.

Don’t Let Stress Damage Your Cosmetic Dentistry

Even if your stress is not physically obvious, the oral health side effects from it can be. Even unconsciously chewing on pens or ice because you’re stressed can ruin your teeth. The last year of everyone’s life has been incredibly taxing, and you don’t want your teeth to take the brunt of this worry too. If you have concerns about teeth grinding, suspect that your cosmetic dentistry is damaged, or are experiencing any dental problems, see your Manhattan dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei as soon as possible. Every oral health problem can be fixed – as long as you make the effort to get it fixed. Schedule an appointment. Our Midtown dental office has always been a safe and healthy environment – now, we are taking even more precautions to keep our patients secure and comfortable.