Get Teeth Whitening in Time for Your Big Event

teeth whitening big event nyc cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiSpecial occasions call for special preparations. You may get new clothes, a fresh cut and color, and fun accessories, but don’t forget one very important thing – a whiter smile. No matter how you’re dressed or where you’re going, if your teeth are shining white, they will look flawless (even if they’re not) and you’ll look your very best too. Find out if teeth whitening is right for you.

The Job Interview

Doesn’t matter what kind of job you’re interviewing for, whether a suit and tie are required or just your presence. What your interviewer will remember is your dazzling smile – if it’s white enough.

The First Date

Want to really get a jolt of self-confidence before you finally meet that love match in person? Take an hour of your time to whiten your teeth until they gleam. You’ll look younger, healthier, happier, and simply like the best version of yourself.

The Photo Shoot or Audition

If you’re going to be in front of the camera or judged on your appearance in any way, you know your smile matters. Make yourself stand out from the competition with a teeth whitening treatment first.

The Party

Whether it’s an engagement party or a retirement party or a just because party, you want to look your best when you’re out and about in Manhattan. If your look is casual or dressy, modern or eclectic, grunge or high-end, your best accessory is a blazing white smile. 

The Wedding

Whether you’re the one getting married or simply attending the wedding, you want to look your best. A teeth whitening treatment is the best way to spruce up your look, even if your teeth aren’t perfect. Whitening treatments create the illusion of flawlessness.

Choose the Teeth Whitening That’s Right for You

Your NYC cosmetic dentist will go over all the options and recommend what is likely to be the most effective smile upgrade. If a professional teeth whitening treatment is right for you, you may be able to choose from:

  • In-office whitening: One hour to a brand new hour! The Rembrandt Sapphire Teeth Whitening system will dazzle, the Opalescence Boost Whitening from Ultradent doesn’t even require a blue light to make it work, and then of course there is the powerful KoR whitening that will actually make your smile sparkle.
  • ZOOM! teeth whitening: This one is an in-office treatment too and can make teeth up to eight times whiter in about an hour. Effective, fast, long-lasting, and customized to your mouth, this procedure is worth your time.
  • Take-home teeth whitening: If you have more time to spare before your big event, customized whitening trays can be created for you. Take these home with bleaching and desensitizing gel and in about two weeks your smile will be shining.

Are You a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

The first thing that must happen, though, is to determine whether you are indeed a good candidate for teeth whitening. Some people have antibiotic stains or naturally yellow or discolored teeth that cannot be altered through any kind of cosmetic dentistry but veneers or porcelain crowns. Ideally, you’re in the group that can take advantage of teeth whitening – your dentist will let you know for sure.

Feel like the best version of yourself before the big event, whatever the event may be. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his Midtown dental office and get your smile makeover in no time when you choose professional teeth whitening.