Customize Your Smile Makeover with Dr. Wei’s Smile Guide

smile guide smile makeover dr mike weiWhen it comes to smile makeovers, everyone is a visual person – you want to see what the options are for upgrading your teeth, to see what you will look like with a new smile. Dr. Michael J. Wei, NYC cosmetic dentist and porcelain veneer expert, uses a smile guide catalog to help patients determine how they want their teeth to look.

The Elements of a Smile Makeover

At first glance, the smile guide appears to be one smile repeated over and over, but there is nuance to every customized smile makeover and it begins with carefully planning each detailed element of your new teeth.

  • Shape: Teeth are not just one shape. The can be square or rounded, sharp or smooth. The message you want to send about yourself and your smile will influence which shape your cosmetic dentist recommends.
  • Size: You certainly don’t want teeth that are all the same size, but you do want teeth that are the right size for you, every one of them. With careful planning, you’ll have a smile that is symmetrical and cohesive.
  • Length: People with short teeth want longer teeth. Some people with long teeth want them to be shorter. There is an ideal tooth length for every person depending on face shape and lip size. Your dentist will help you determine the most flattering length for your teeth.
  • Color: You want white teeth, of course, but there are different shades of white that make all the difference in producing a natural-looking smile and one that seems fake.

Dr. Wei Smile GuideReasons to Use a Smile Guide Catalog

The smile guide catalog is especially helpful for patients who don’t know what kind of smile style they want. The options are plentiful and sometimes one type jumps out as just what they’re seeking. Other times, it takes a little bit of consideration and contemplation and consultation with your Manhattan cosmetic dentist to select the best options for your smile.

In consultation with Dr. Wei, you will come to learn more about all the styles of smiles, including:

  • Aggressive
  • Dominant
  • Enhanced
  • Focused
  • Functional
  • Hollywood
  • Mature
  • Natural
  • Oval
  • Softened
  • Vigorous
  • Youthful

Every patient needs different characteristics to suit their appearance and every patient will have certain wants they hope to have fulfilled. Being clear about your vision for your smile makeover is the best way to communicate with your cosmetic dentist and get the smile makeover you’re envisioning.

Change Your Smile Permanently

Your smile can accentuate your overall look, bring out your personality, and make you feel fully like the best version of yourself. Smiles have power – for you, and for others who see you, know you, meet you, work with you, and beyond.

If you want to work on developing a new smile, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his Midtown Manhattan dental office. Discuss your hopes for your teeth, learn what cosmetic dentistry treatments are right for you, and find out more about the smile guide elements that will suit you best.