4 Ways to Overcome a Fear of the Dentist to Get a Smile Makeover

smile makeover sedation dentistry dr michael j wei nycDental trauma is a reality for many people. Whether they had a bad experience as a child or adult, or simply fear anything to do with dental care, their fears are valid and alive. Some people can’t even manage to force themselves to go to the dentist for their regular cleanings and checkups, let alone when it comes to cosmetically changing their teeth with a smile makeover. They feel stuck right where they are, living with a broken-down smile.

1. Get Sedation Dentistry

The most important thing when it comes to dental health and smile makeovers is that you get the work done that you need to have done. If you can’t find calm before you reach the dentist’s chair, your NYC cosmetic dentist can help you get there with sedation dentistry.

After a thorough consultation and review of all dental and medical records, your dentist will recommend what type of sedation dentistry might be best for you and the treatment you would like to undergo. The biggest benefit of sedation is that you reach a place of extreme relaxation, so you’re not tense during your treatments and it is much easier to get multiple treatments done at the same time. Easier for you, easier for your dentist, less time in the chair.

2. Request Digital Smile Design

Many people are frozen by their fear of what might happen at the dentist – whether a drill will be used or sharp tools or sounds you don’t recognize. Changing the mindset begins with envisioning what you can look like with a new smile – and that happens with customized digital Smile Design.

If you’re someone who needs to see to believe – and to get yourself to a happy place so you can find the courage to make it to the dentist’s chair – Smile Design offers that option. A digital program lets you visualize what your smile will look like after its changes – talk about motivation! For those who need to know, you can also learn about how your dental work is done. Plus, there is an opportunity to view multiple options for improving your smile so you feel confident about proceeding with the work and making a change with cosmetic dentistry.

3. Make Conservative Changes

Depending on the condition your smile is in right now, there are usually multiple cosmetic dentistry treatments available to give you the appearance you want. Combining professional teeth whitening with laser gum therapy and porcelain crowns can deliver a stunning smile makeover.

Maybe you want just one treatment that can do it all, so you spend as little time in the dentist’s chair as possible. Porcelain veneers conceal everything you dislike about the appearance of your teeth and are permanent and long-lasting so you can count on them for decades.

4. Schedule a Consultation

No matter what type of dental procedure you want or need, Dr. Michael J. Wei and his dental team will make you feel comfortable and safe. Play music, bring comfort items, watch a movie – whatever you need to feel good about getting cosmetic dentistry. When you’re done, you’ll look and feel amazing about your smile makeover. Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation to discuss all your concerns and hopes.