Featured Smile Makeover: The Power of a Smile Transformation

Brittany M Face After 220x256Facially driven aesthetics is at the top of the list for Dr. Michael J. Wei, Manhattan cosmetic dentist, when it comes to smile makeovers. “When I design a beautiful smile, I look to fill out the smile, create facial balance, and improve the overall vitality and color of the teeth in the smile frame.” In other words, a smile makeover from Dr. Wei means you will have better teeth and look like the best version of yourself – just like the perfect smile featured here.

Brittany’s Personalized Smile Makeover

Brittany was unhappy with her smile and wanted to improve it. “Her old smile did not fit her beautiful and wonderful personality,” says Dr. Wei. Her concerns included:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Misalignment
  • Uneven teeth
  • Severely canted smile
  • Off-center dental midline

Brittany M Composite Before 540x1015Brittany M Composite After 540x1015Brittany’s smile makeover began once the functional and foundational issues with her oral health were addressed first. She had serious dental issues, including an infected tooth that needed to be extracted. The missing tooth was then replaced by a porcelain bridge.

The most obvious part of the patient’s transformation though was her seven minimal prep porcelain veneers. The addition of these customized porcelain shields covered up every unwanted aesthetic issue, correcting several issues with just one procedure and delivering a straight, proportional, bright, beautiful smile.

The Incredible Benefits of a Laser Gum Lift

A beautiful smile makeover is not only about the teeth – sometimes it’s about the gums too. Brittany’s teeth were uneven – some much shorter than the others. In cases like this, Dr. Wei determines whether a gum lift is an appropriate way to open a smile.

A laser gum lift is a powerful yet minimally invasive procedure that allows your dentist to:

  • Reshape the gum line quickly and comfortably.
  • Recontour the gums for dramatic, immediate results.
  • Remove some gum tissue to expose more tooth enamel.
  • Create a symmetrical smile with accuracy and precision.

Optimal cosmetic results reveal more tooth enamel and get teeth ready for the placement of veneers, which builds out the smile and makes it broader and more attractive. You can easily see the smile transformation that Brittany underwent at the talented hands of Dr. Wei.

Get Your Own Smile Transformation

“I love this amazing smile transformation,” says Dr. Wei. “That’s why I love to take before and after portraits. You can see how good she looks and how happy she is in the after photo. The power of a beautiful smile can enhance your face.” His words ring true. If you look at Brittany’s before photo, you might not see anything wrong with it at first glance. Compare it to the after photo of the smile created by Dr. Wei and it’s clear just how much amazing work was done to give her such stunning teeth.

If you are self-conscious about your smile or embarrassed to reveal your teeth to anyone in person or even over a screen, you can experience a dramatic difference in looks and confidence with a customized smile makeover. Follow @DrMikeWei on Instagram to see more transformations and contact us in Midtown to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation and find out what’s possible for your teeth.