3 Ways to Upgrade Your Smile for the Holidays

upgrade your smile holiday season dr michael j wei manhattanA new coat, bag, hairstyle, or accessory can make you feel like a superstar in the streets of Manhattan, especially at this time of year when holiday bling is everywhere. If you truly want to establish yourself as someone to watch – or someone people can’t take their eyes off – invest in a new you and upgrade your smile, not only for the holidays but permanently.

1. Cover the Imperfections

If there is a tooth that has marred the look of your entire smile for years, now is the right time to cover up the problem. The solution is easy and customized: a porcelain crown. Also known as a cap, crowns do just that – conceal a stained, misshapen, or otherwise unsightly tooth underneath for a strong, long-lasting fix.

Crowns are both restorative and cosmetic, fixing a tooth that has the potential to become problematic and beautifying a tooth at the same time. Your smile will bling in the new year perfectly when the imperfections are addressed.

2. Perfect Everything

If there are too many smile flaws for you to count, at least in your point of view, there is an ideal cosmetic dentistry treatment that can cover it all up and create perfection: porcelain veneers. Super-thin, no-prep porcelain veneers do not require a mega-alteration of natural teeth. They sit carefully on top of clean and sanded teeth and are meticulously crafted in size, shape, width, length, and color to flatter your skin tone, face shape, and overall look.

Some patients choose laser gum dentistry along with veneers, removing excess and unwanted gum tissue so they have a bigger smile. Still more opt for teeth whitening on the bottom row of teeth so their enamel flawlessly matches the color of their veneers.

3. Shine On

It’s always the right time to brighten up your smile with professional teeth whitening. This treatment scours away the stains within your teeth and on the surface, making them truly whiter, brighter, and more beautiful – even if they’re not completely perfect.

Many people try to make their teeth whiter with over-the-counter products, but these gels, strips, and pastes don’t have the same kind of professional-grade power and results that your Manhattan cosmetic dentist offers. If you want to achieve a truly captivating smile in the easiest, fastest way possible, ask your cosmetic dentist about one-hour whitening.

Upgrade Your Smile in Midtown Manhattan

No matter what you celebrate, no matter where you celebrate it, look your very best with a smile makeover from Dr. Michael J. Wei. Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, Dr. Wei will upgrade your smile with customized cosmetic dentistry treatments that give you whiter, brighter, more beautiful teeth permanently. Schedule an in-person consultation.