3 Smile Resolutions for the New Year

smile resolution smile makeover dr michael j wei nycThere are so many ways to improve your smile. If your resolution for the new year is to look better, smarter, younger, or happier, it can happen when you visit your NYC cosmetic dentist and discuss customized ways to transform your teeth. Simply tweaking your daily habits will help keep all your smile resolutions in play, long after the February slump goes by.

See Yourself in a New Light

Not sure that you’re a good candidate for a smile makeover? Allow your NYC cosmetic dentist to make that decision. If you’re shy about an in-person consultation, submit a virtual smile and receive a personalized video in return itemizing what could work best for upgrading your teeth. You can show your friends what you look like as the new you, and really take all the time you need to consider the options that are available for making over your teeth.

What many people don’t realize and don’t fully discover or believe until their smile makeover is complete is that their confidence is wholly transformed by a new smile. If losing weight or changing your hairstyle or upgrading your wardrobe can make you feel brave, hot, important, or attractive, imagine the power of beautifully and permanently altering the focal point of your face. You will always look amazing, no matter what, thanks to that smile.

Do Your Research

Not sure where to begin with a new smile? No one goes on this journey alone. An expert in the field is necessary to make refreshed teeth a reality. If you’re the kind of person though who likes to do your own research before you settle on a major decision, there are excellent places to go to learn about suits your smile best:

  • Smile gallery: Wei maintains an impressive and robust smile gallery of satisfied patients who went from failing teeth to fabulous smiles. You may just see yourself in them.
  • Screen captures: Love the teeth on particular celebrities, models, musicians, or politicians? Better yet, see teeth that you absolutely do not like? Keep a folder of screen captures so you’re ready to explain your wishes to your Manhattan dentist when the time comes.
  • Instagram: Visit @DrMikeWei on Instagram to see incredible before and after photos of patients and their smile makeovers – you won’t believe what’s possible.

Stick to Your Decision

Good oral health care is a form of self-care. So is upgrading your teeth using cosmetic dentistry treatments. Once you’ve decided to get teeth whitening, or laser gum treatment and porcelain veneers, or porcelain crowns, stick to your resolutions. You will be so thankful when you look in the mirror at the end of your treatments.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be January for you to make a change. Smile resolutions can occur anytime of year and deliver the kind of transformation and happiness you crave and deserve. It’s never too late to make yourself new again. Schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei in Midtown and discover what’s possible for your smile.