Ways to Document Your Smile Makeover on Social Media

smile makeover social media dr michael j weiIf you’re like most social media users, you want to increase your followers and likes and improve your position as an influencer. You may have learned by now that one of the best ways to make this happen is through brutal honesty. People respond to the good stuff, the real stuff, and if you’re documenting your smile makeover through genuine photos or videos, the responses will keep coming.

Don’t Be Shy About Before and After Photos

This is the generation of social media. People want videos and images to give them information – that’s why your dentist’s before and after smile gallery is so popular. Deliver what your followers want and get your story out there through:

  • Before photos of your broken-down smile.
  • Close-ups of your most problematic teeth.
  • Pics of the porcelain veneers or dental crowns before your Manhattan dentist bonds them to your teeth.
  • Unfiltered after photos of your stunning, finished smile makeover.

Share Real Time Updates and Ask Questions

Going live on your social media platform of choice allows you to talk through your smile makeover before you say yes to your cosmetic dentist while you’re in the middle of making choices about transforming your teeth. Talk to your audience about the thoughts you’re having:

  • I thought I couldn’t get veneers but there are no-prep veneers that don’t alter my natural teeth. Should I go for it?
  • Do you think I need both dental crowns and teeth whitening?
  • I’m going to need a tooth extraction and my dentist recommends dental implants. Has anyone gotten one?

Engage your audience with your questions, share Smile Design photos that highlight what kind of smile makeover might be best for you, just keep it real. Honesty will bring in the opinions you’re craving and reassure others that they too are possible candidates for a customized smile makeover.

Let It All Hang Out

Hashtags are important for social media posts, but so are accompanying descriptions that explain what’s going on in the media you’ve uploaded. You can get serious posting power out of multiple updates about your smile makeover by commenting on topics like:

  • What you dislike about your teeth
  • Procedures you’re having done
  • How the cosmetic dentistry is carried out
  • Why you’ve selected certain types of dental care
  • Why you chose your NYC cosmetic dentist

Trust Your Own Story

Whether you tell your smile makeover in story, video, words, or a combination of all three, you’ll be stunned to discover how popular this series will be for your social media. People love a good makeover and a memorable transformation. The people who care about you are rooting for you.

You’re in good hands with the experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei – who shows just how much people love a before-and-after smile makeover story on his own Instagram @DrMikeWei. Plus, you’ll be thrilled you found a way to document your smile journey.

Find out what cosmetic dentistry procedures are right for you from Dr. Wei by scheduling a consultation, or submit a Smile Virtual application online to receive a customized video response.