What Is a Reverse Smile and How Is It Fixed?

reverse smile porcelain veneers dr michael j wei nycSome people have gap-toothed smiles and others have “vampire teeth” where the incisors are pointier. Some people have a narrow smile and others have a broad smile that is all teeth. If you have a reverse smile, however, you aren’t only dealing with genetic components, you’re living with the side effects of potentially bad habits. Time to find out what a reverse smile is, whether you have one, and how to fix this problem.

What Is a Reverse Smile?

The easiest way to explain a reverse smile is by likening it to a frown rather than a smile. The upper central teeth are shorter than the teeth on either side of them, creating the “reverse” effect. The result:

  • Appearance of a dark space between the top and bottom teeth when smiling.
  • Looks like the mouth is open when it’s actually a gap between top and bottom teeth.
  • Teeth do not flow along with the lips or naturally fill the dark spaces of the mouth.

As for what causes a reverse smile, sometimes it’s simply genetics. The middle teeth don’t erupt as much as the teeth beside them. For many patients, however, they didn’t always have a reverse smile. The problem developed from teeth grinding. This unconscious habit can do serious damage, whittling away tooth enamel, causing cracked teeth and gum recession. There are many side effects of teeth grinding and they all lead to potential cosmetic issues and oral health problems – and, of course, a reverse smile.

How to Correct a Reverse Smile

The goal when correcting a reverse smile, of course, is to make shorter teeth longer so there is a cohesive, natural appearance. If you’re lucky, you will qualify for the best procedure for repairing a reverse smile: minimal prep porcelain veneers.

A customized smile makeover is the best choice for correcting unsightly teeth or eliminating an unwanted look. Veneers, designed and placed properly, create a smile that is more balanced and attractive. Veneers deliver a wider, bigger smile. The beauty of minimal prep veneers is they don’t require the major alteration of the tooth enamel to fit the veneers.

When a reverse smile is being corrected, the recommendation of the number of veneers to make the teeth look normal across the entire top of your mouth will vary. This could mean as few as six or as many as a dozen veneers. The number will vary depending on the size of your teeth and smile makeover preferences.

Transform a Reverse Smile with Manhattan Prepless Veneers

Ultimately, your NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei wants to create a smile makeover that allows you to feel confident about your teeth and how you look. He wants you to smile confidently and trust that your teeth are impressive and attractive. He will create a balanced, symmetrical smile with the right proportion of gum tissue to tooth enamel and shape your veneers to match the size of your mouth. Contact us to schedule a consultation and find out what’s right for your teeth.