Featured Smile Makeover: Prepless Veneers for Balanced Teeth

brooke smile makeover dr michael j wei nycA common smile complaint is having teeth that are too short. Whether this occurs because of genetics, excess gum tissue, or grinding your teeth, the problem can be corrected with a customized smile makeover. In patient Brooke’s case, her chief complaint was not showing enough teeth when she smiled. Enter a NYC cosmetic dentistry to the rescue.

Correcting Brooke’s Reverse Smile

Aesthetics are everything when it comes to your smile. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you won’t be proud to show off those teeth by smiling at anyone else or posing for photos. Brooke was unhappy when she smiled that she didn’t reveal enough teeth. Her biggest smile problems included:


  • Short teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Worn-down teeth

Most of Brooke’s tooth enamel was lost to teeth grinding. It resulted in what’s known as a “reverse smile” effect, where the upper central teeth are shorter than the teeth on either side of them. This side effect of teeth grinding makes teeth stand out in an unwanted way because they don’t flow along with the lips and fill the dark spaces of the mouth in a natural way.

brooke smile makeover dr michael j wei nyc before and afterPorcelain Veneers for Brooke

To help Brooke achieve the white, bright, straight, teeth she wanted and to create longer-looking appearance for all the teeth so they are cohesive, Dr. Michael J. Wei crafted a customized smile makeover. “I gave her an amazing smile using 12 minimal prep porcelain veneers. Her smile is now wider, longer, brighter, and more balanced,” says Dr. Wei.

Minimal prep porcelain veneers are attractive to many patients who seek extensive smile makeovers. They do not require major alteration of the tooth enamel for the veneers to fit. Only a light cleaning and sanding is needed to make room for the super-thin, super-strong, natural-looking veneers.

As for the 12 veneers that Brooke received, the number of veneers a patient needs will vary depending on the size of their smile and their preferences for their smile makeover. Some people may need as few as six veneers. Others will want double-digit veneers on the top and bottom of their mouth. Still others will get veneers on the top teeth and professional teeth whitening on the bottom. The options are almost endless, and Dr. Wei is prepared to work with every patient to make them comfortable with the procedures, their budget, and the ultimate results of their cosmetic dentistry.

Say Yes to Your Dramatic Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can be subtle or dramatic. The important thing is to find a NYC cosmetic dentist whose talent matches your unique smile goals. Brooke and Dr. Wei are an excellent pair and his work on her teeth delivered a dramatic difference and an amazing confidence boost. Upgrading your smile is always the sure route to a self-esteem transformation.

Look at the Smile Gallery of Dr. Wei’s patients and be amazed by how every person comes alive and looks younger, happier, and healthier with their customized smile makeover. Follow him @DrMikeWei on Instagram to see the latest Manhattan smile transformations. If you’re ready to get started yourself, schedule a consultation at our Midtown office.