How Much Time Is Needed for a Smile Makeover?

smile resolution smile makeover dr michael j wei nycIf you know you want to upgrade the appearance of your teeth, you may also know that certain cosmetic dentistry treatments take longer than others. So how much time do you need for a smile makeover? That depends on the condition of your teeth now and what you want them to look like when the transformation is complete.

If You Only Have a Few Days

Pressed for time? Going to a special event or have an interview or audition or first date? When you only have a few days to spare and you need your smile to look its very best, your best option is one of the following:

  • Professional teeth whitening: Stains and discoloration can be blasted away with powerful in-office teeth whitening using professional-grade bleach.
  • Toothcolored fillings: A few unsightly dental dilemmas can be concealed and corrected with tooth-colored composite fillings.

If You Have a Month

Many cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments require a few weeks’ turnaround to complete. This is usually because the elements involved in creating your new smile require input from the dental lab. Their work can take several days to a few weeks to turnaround. If you’re patient, though, you can get a major smile makeover in this amount of time with:

  • Porcelain crowns: One of the most effective ways to correct a problematic and unsightly tooth is with a customized porcelain crown. Color, shape, and size are personalized to cover up whatever you dislike about the appearance of a noticeable tooth.

If You Have Several Months

No one should jump into a major smile makeover, like one involving porcelain veneers. Even if you’re interested in minimal prep veneers – which most people are because they do not involve any major changes to your natural teeth – it’s good to discuss all options with your NYC cosmetic dentist over the course of a few dental appointments so you both feel comfortable with the final design. These talks include reviewing the features of the veneers and looking at digital evidence of how this change will affect your smile. You’ll want to consider:

  • Color: White teeth are the goal, but “white” isn’t always white-white. You might need something a little off-white to look natural, or maybe you feel you can rock celebrity bright white.
  • Length: People with shorter teeth want longer teeth and vice versa sometimes. It’s important to view and imagine the measurements of your new smile and what the right-sized teeth will really look like.
  • Shape: Depending on the softer or sharper lines of your teeth, they can look more masculine or feminine – the final look is your call, but always listen to your cosmetic dentist’s input on what is most flattering for your face.
  • Translucency: This element might be harder for you to recognize but your dentist knows that this is the feature that makes your veneers look like regular teeth. Take their advice.

Ultimately, you have the time to get a beautiful smile no matter when you start. Talk to Dr. Michael J. Wei to see what’s possible and whether you can recreate your teeth in stages or need a major smile makeover. Submit a Smile Virtual consult or schedule a consultation at Dr. Wei’s office in Midtown Manhattan.