Build Confidence: Conceal Short Teeth with Minimal Prep Veneers

short teeth minimal prep veneers dr michael j wei nycShort teeth are a major complaint of many NYC cosmetic dentistry patients. They are self-conscious and embarrassed to smile or speak up and reveal their juvenile-looking teeth. If this is a problem for you and your smile, it’s time to consider the many benefits of minimal prep veneers. An investment in this smile makeover builds confidence and a gorgeous smile.

What Causes Short Teeth?

Wear and tear from teeth grinding can lead to worn-down teeth. For the most part, though, DNA determines the size of your teeth. If one of your parents has short teeth, you are more likely to inherit such a trait. When adult teeth erupt, they only go so far. Some people invest in orthodontics and have their teeth extruded to elongate them, but this effort isn’t always enough. A smile might be straight, but teeth can still look small.

Then there is the characteristic of a gummy smile, also inherited. Excess gum tissue can make normal-sized teeth look smaller than they are. A laser gum lift is a minimally invasive method for recontouring and reshaping the gum line permanently. Quite often, though, the best way to make this type of procedure work for you is by adding another cosmetic dentistry treatment to complete the smile transformation – like minimal prep veneers.

The Best Way to Conceal Short Teeth

One of the most effective ways to eliminate a gummy smile is with minimal prep veneers. If you’re self-conscious about the size of your teeth, along with other features like discoloration, misalignment, and stains, veneers will make your smile whiter, brighter, and straight – and they will give you those coveted longer teeth.

Balance is the biggest key to a successful smile makeover. For some patients who only have a few short teeth, this might mean only a few minimal prep veneers are needed. Other patients want to transform their entire smile, top and bottom, for consistency, cohesiveness, and confidence and choose an entire veneer-covered smile. Your NYC cosmetic dentist will let you know what’s possible for you.

The Minimal Prep Veneers Smile Makeover

Minimal prep veneers not only lengthen short teeth, they create a bigger smile in all ways, filling in dark areas and giving you a more noticeable, flawless smile. The greatest thing about them, though, is that they don’t require much work on your part – and they do not require a major alteration to natural teeth. No tooth enamel needs to be permanently shaved away. Teeth are simply cleaned and sanded to make them just right for the veneers to fit over. Work with your cosmetic dentist to develop the entire formula for your veneers – color, size, shape, and, of course, length. Even the littlest tweaks bonded permanently to your teeth will give you a smile that is new, transformative, and looks natural.

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