Allie Mae

He does not want you to look anything but fabulous
“After 3 different dentists botched up my veneers three times, I was reluctant to go ahead for the fourth time. The time, the energy, and pain of those three times almost made me throw in the towel and I went to Dr.Wei to see what he could do. I found Dr.Wei online and found him impressive with the many awards and positive reviews. I went in for a consultation and starting from his receptionist to his dental assistant, I felt that they were very professional and I was comforted. Dr.Wei came to go over my teeth and he was very thorough with the exam. After the hellish experience of getting veneers done 3 times I did not want to do veneers again and I asked him about lumineers. He advised that it would be better for me to get veneers even though I was insistent that I get lumineers. While he was understanding about my previous experiences, he explained to me the reasons why he would re-do the veneers. Our conversation gave me the confidence that it will be okay and I went ahead with the veneers. I’m so glad I did! Dr.Wei is a perfectionist. He does not want you to look anything but fabulous. He is very caring about his patients and his work. My case was quite difficult because I had missing teeth but the end result is positively amazing! It looks natural but very nice. I had headphones the whole time and I wasn’t in pain at all. Dr. Wei does a thorough job but he’s quick so I didn’t feel like it was taking forever. Honestly, I’ve never felt so comfortable at a dental office before. On top of all of this, his prices are very reasonable. You would think for such an in demand dentist in a prime location it would cost an arm and a leg to do veneers but I didn’t find that to be the case at all. Thank you, Dr.Wei!”

– Allie Mae

Jackie Lee

Truly the best cosmetic dentist in NYC
“For the last 3 years, I have been really picky in choosing a cosmetic dentist to do my Porcelain Veneers. When I met Dr. Wei, I finally made a decision to do my 16 veneers with him.
Dr. Wei not only has high knowledge and confidence in his work, but he is also trustworthy.
You will know he is not a doctor who is after your money but he really cares about his patients and has passion for his job. Dr. Wei explains to you what dental procedure you need and will guide you down the right path so that you won’t regret things later. That tells me how much he cares and is honest to his patients.

I started doing 16 veneers with him and now I am going for 2 more and 6 more later. That’s basically the entire mouth because I trust him! I love his workmanship and he is a perfectionist. I absolutely recommend Dr. Wei to anyone and everyone including my family and friends and for those who want to do just simple dental work to Porcelain Veneers.

Dr. Wei is the truly the best cosmetic dentist in NYC I have ever found! Thank you Dr. Wei!”

– Jackie Lee

Rita Knox

Dr. Wei was extremely gentle and efficient
“My experience with Dr. Wei and his office has been excellent. The office is upscale and well organized, and the staff is always professional, as well as welcoming. I started going to him last summer because I needed several crowns to replace old large deteriorated amalgam filings from at least 30 or more years ago. The results were very, very attractive, and natural. Dr. Wei was extremely gentle, and efficient as well. More recently, I cracked a back tooth and needed a crown. The crown was a tricky one because there wasn’t much of the old tooth left that could be saved, and it was very irregularly shaped. Dr. Wei was quite skillful and was able to build up the tooth and have a three-quarter crown made which fit in perfectly. I can highly recommend him as a dentist, both for cosmetic as well as routine dental care.”

– Rita Knox

Coleen Travis

One of the best dentists I have been to
“Doctor Wei is one of the best dentists I have been to and I am so happy I found him years ago. He has been my dentist for almost 10 years now. He is trustworthy and skilled and has help me manage the work I need done without breaking my bank. I always look forward to going to see him!”

– Coleen Travis

Darrell Gunn

I have found my dentist
“Dr. Wei is a perfectionist. I was referred to him from a colleague and I am forever grateful for the recommendation. The amount of thought and care that went into the planning of my treatment was more than apparent. Each visit went smoothly and Dr. Wei was very attentive to my comfort. I have found my dentist!!”

– Darrell Gunn

Jennifer Vittini

Gave me my life back
“I should thank Google for putting Dr.Wei on the top list for being the BEST and making your smile better than perfect! Thank you Dr. Wei you gave me my life back and boosted my confidence level to a 1000!”

– Jennifer Vittini

Miwa Tino

Highly Recommended
“I have seen Dr. Wei for 3 years now. He is a friendly and caring doctor with intensive knowledge. His meticulous work always satisfies me. I love his staff very much too. Highly recommend.”

– Miwa Tino

Atthena Breitton

I highly recommend Dr. Wei!
“I have been going to Dr. Wei’s for over 5 years, and it has always been a great experience. His assistants are friendly and the booking & reminder systems are seamless and extremely helpful. Most importantly though, Dr. Wei’s quality of work is always top-notch. His cleanings are the most thorough I have ever received, and whenever I’ve had to replace a filling, his procedures were always painless and efficient. I get the sense that Dr. Wei is always on the cutting edge of any developments in the dental industry, and he’s always been very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about any questions I’ve had. I highly recommend Dr. Wei!”

– Atthena Breitton

Simek Shropshire

Will definitely be recommending him to friends!
“Dr. Wei was very helpful and thorough in my general cleaning. I came in with a concern about a small chip on one of my bottom teeth. Before smoothing out the chip, he confirmed which tooth he would be working on and explained exactly how he was going to even it out. When he had completed the work, he had me check to make sure the tooth was exactly how I wanted it before proceeding. The general cleaning was also the best I’ve ever had! Overall, the office had a great atmosphere and Dr. Wei patiently listened to all of my concerns. Will definitely be recommending him to friends!”
– Simek Shropshire

Kathleen Mercogliano

It has drastically improved my quality of life.
I came to Dr. Wei a few months prior to my wedding, in order to get a consultation on how to improve my smile and discuss options like veneers.  After battling cancer, and undergoing radiation therapy, the appearance of my teeth had suffered, the tooth sensitivity was awful, and the decay was getting worse, all because of dry mouth due to my treatments. I did not know what to expect only a few months before my wedding and was not feeling very optimistic.

Fortunately, I felt very comfortable with Dr. Wei, as we discussed all of my options, payment options, the procedure, timeline, and exactly what was going to happen so there were no unforeseen surprises.  The procedure went smoothly, and my recovery was minimal.  I got porcelain veneers and the results are amazing, and it all worked out for me to have a beautiful smile on time for my wedding.  My teeth sensitivity was improved as well.  Dr. Wei is a true professional, a gentle dentist, and a superb artist.  My teeth look great, and I feel like myself again.  I am extremely grateful for finding Dr. Wei and very pleased with his work.  It has drastically improved my quality of life.

– Kathleen Mercogliano

Jennifer Thai

I would recommend Dr. Wei anytime!
Dr. Wei is a great dentist and is one of the best in his field. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and competent. He and his staff are very welcoming and make every effort to make you feel comfortable during the office visit. The office itself is equipped with the most up-to-date technology, which makes you feel like you are receiving the most top-notch dentistry care.
I would recommend Dr. Wei anytime! No matter how complicated your issue may be, Dr. Wei will have a solution.

– Jennifer Thai

Annie Wang

Dr. Wei genuinely cares about your oral health
I have been going to Dr. Wei for the past three years and have been impressed and appreciative of his dental work. Dr. Wei genuinely cares about your oral health and he and his staff are always very courteous and professional.  The office is pretty modern, equipped with newer x-ray systems, patient management software, a screen that plays DVD’s while you’re in the dental chair, etc.

– Annie Wang