Boguslawa Midura

Dr. Wei cares about my invisalign result as much as I do.
Finding the perfect dentist for invisalign is pretty frustrating and difficult to do. I went on numerous consultations and the dentists were very quick, aloof and did not explain anything. They left me with plenty of questions and concerns. I finally found Dr. *Wei* online and during our consultation he explained everything without me even having to ask him. I have been a steady patient of Dr. Wei for about a year and a half and he always makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. He explains and tells me everything he will do before doing it so I feel in control. We are near the end of completing my invisalign and I couldn’t be any happier. Dr. *Wei* cares about my invisalign result as much as I do and my smile is beautiful.
He is now my primary dentist for all of my dental work and I always recommend him to all of my family and friends.
Best Regards,
Boguslawa Midura