Hana J.

Dr. Wei is not only a dentist but an artist!
Dr. Wei is an excellent dentist who loves his craft and truly cares about his patients. I first met Dr. Wei a few months ago when I went in for a consultation to talk about getting veneers. I was deeply unhappy with my smile, my biggest issue being my two front teeth, which were seriously misshapen. Dr. Wei was super easy to talk to, answered all of my questions clearly, and after an informative discussion I decided to get 8 veneers put on my top teeth.

Dr. Wei has a great office with polite, helpful staff where everything runs on time, which is important to someone like me who has a busy work schedule. He got every procedure done smoothly and painlessly like the experienced professional he is, and within few short weeks I had a brilliant, brand new smile. I must say: Dr. Wei is not only a dentist but an artist! The design of the veneers is beautiful, and really compliments all of my facial features—I wouldn’t change a thing. He clearly has a great eye for aesthetics and proportion, and is highly detail-oriented.

I’d actually put off getting veneers for a long time because I thought it’d be an onerous, expensive, time-consuming, and, frankly, even scary. But Dr. Wei and his staff made the process so easy that I kicked myself for not having it done years ago! Dr. Wei’s office is equipped with state-of-the-line technology and his professionalism and bedside manner is impeccable. I trusted him completely and he always put me at ease.

For anyone who is considering getting veneers or any other cosmetic dentistry work, I PROMISE you that going to Dr. Wei is worth the investment! Dr. Wei truly changed my life. For many years, I was constantly embarassed about my teeth; now I go through every day smiling constantly without a care in the world. I can not describe fully how good it feels to finally have that burden lifted off my shoulders. Thank you SO much Dr. Wei.