Lillie Yijae

He actually cares about the patient, me!
I’ve gone to more than 15 different dentist in my life thus far. I’ve had okay or horrible experiences with all of them and usually got the pain fixed and never returned to a dentist more than once.
My friend Tina recommended me to Dr. Wei. My first visit with Dr. Michael Wei was so thorough, comfortable, and pleasant that I actually went to him a second time and slowly but surley 2+ years later he is my only dentist.
He actually cares about the patient, me! He tells you what the problem is, tells you what he recommends and different options. You have a say in what gets done in your mouth. He has high tech, clean and sanitary equipment. His office does not smell like a dental office. Always has a DVD playing so you can choose to watch tv if you wanted. He’s always taken his time and has never made me feel rushed. He and his staff schedule appointments accurately so that you are never waiting for your appointment, so you can go during a lunch break. I appreciate a person who can appreciate my time as well. He has the best staff who are kind, gentle, patient and not rude which is hard to find in NYC.
The best thing on top of all the above is he is a master at what he does: I had a tooth pulled out and took 2 Advil’s and never had swelling. People were amazed that I even had a dental procedure done.
I recommended him to all my friends and co-workers who now go to him as well. He is the dentist I would consider a family friend. His work is precise and he is really great at what he does.
Thank you Dr. Wei for my wonderful teeth!
~ Lillie Yijae