Dreaming of a White Christmas? Time to Talk Cosmetic Dentistry

white christmas white teeth cosmetic dentistry manhattan dentistWish your teeth were as white as snow? Mother Nature might have her own plans when it comes to the weather, but you have the power to influence what nature has given you when it comes to teeth. Get that white smile you’ve always dreamed of with cosmetic dentistry, so you can have a white Christmas this year and every year.

4 Ways to Get White Teeth This Holiday

White teeth do not belong to celebrities and VIPs alone. You can take the opportunity to improve the look of your teeth with help from an experience Manhattan cosmetic dentist. Here are just some of the ways you can get white teeth this holiday:

  1. Teeth whitening: Cease and desist when it comes to buying over-the-counter whitening treatments. They may slough off a little surface gunk, but the results won’t be lasting. A professional teeth-whitening treatment uses professional-grade, powerful bleach that blasts away stains for teeth that are multiple shades whiter, and it can happen in just about an hour.
  2. Porcelain veneers: Not only do you get white teeth with porcelain veneers, you get flawless teeth in all ways. So if you’re bothered by more than just stains, veneers also conceal all manner of imperfections, from chips to cracks, gaps to misalignment.
  3. Cosmetic tooth bonding: Versatile and fast, cosmetic tooth bonding can be used to cover up a few problematic, stained teeth. The procedure takes only about 30 minutes per tooth and is non-invasive. Sit back, be patient, let your Midtown cosmetic dentist do meticulous work, and leave with revised teeth that are white and gorgeous.
  4. Porcelain tooth crowns: Teeth that are several stained, dull, or discolored may be damaged in other ways too or be weak or misshapen. Porcelain tooth crowns build the tooth back up into a robust form and beautify a problem tooth at the same time. Most restorative dentistry solutions double as cosmetic dentistry solutions so you can have a healthier, stronger, and more beautiful smile all at the same time.

What’s So Great About White Teeth?

Just like flat abs and toned arms, white teeth are a coveted characteristic of many. The beautiful thing is, no matter your age or demographic, you can get the snowy white smile you want without sweat and tears (and without going under the knife), thanks to the work of a talented NYC cosmetic dentist.

White teeth are worth the effort you put into getting them, because they do offer so many excellent perks besides bright teeth:

  • Improved appearance: Bottom line, white teeth make you look like the best version of yourself.
  • Good health: White, beautiful teeth make you look like you’re healthy and well. Knowing you look good will also inspire you to take better care of yourself so you actually feel good too.
  • Strong confidence: If you’ve long been self-conscious about your appearance because of stained or discolored teeth, making them white with the cosmetic dentistry treatment of your choice will boost your confidence sky high.
  • Look younger: Any cosmetic improvement to your smile will help you look younger, especially if you choose an upgrade like veneers which can take years off your appearance.

Get on the path to a white smile this Christmas or at the start of the New Year. Schedule a consultation to discuss your smile makeover with Dr. Michael J. Wei, Midtown cosmetic dentist.