Your Smile Makeover Will Be Your Lucky Charm

smile makeover lucky charm nyc cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiDo you consider yourself a lucky person? Whether you believe in luck or not, it seems like this elusive force can sometimes help you get where you need to be. There are, however, other factors that play a role too – your personality, your credentials, your experience, and, yes, your smile. If your teeth are making you feel rather unlucky, it’s time to think about a smile makeover. It is possible to design the teeth that will truly be your lucky charm.

Create Your Own Luck with a Smile Makeover

Wherever you’re hoping to succeed, there are a few must-haves to help you get there. Certainly, luck can play a role and the circumstances can combine to suddenly bring you good fortune in life. More likely, though, confidence is the key to success. Feeling good about the appearance of your smile will help you show others just how capable and worthy you are.

For example, let’s consider a smile makeover that involves porcelain veneers. You will go from an imperfect smile to a flawless smile in just two visits to your New York City cosmetic dentist.

Stains and discoloration? Gone.

Gapped or crooked teeth? Hidden.

Chipped or broken teeth? Concealed.

Your entire smile will be a source of good fortune – and the confidence that delivers will be the result of a very deliberate and carefully considered smile makeover.

A Smile Makeover Will Help You Get Lucky in Love

Trying to land the man or woman of your dreams? Feel like you’ve only had bad luck in love? You can get lucky when your smile reflects who you really are.

While many matches are made online through photos and texts and phone calls, the goal should always be to get offline and in person as soon as possible, to see the real face. You can only hide for so long behind a dating profile, and the same goes for your teeth. If your smile is in good shape, you’ll be ready to meet your match immediately, to smile wide, flirt, speak up, laugh, and pucker up.

A smile makeover can come in any configuration: one or two cosmetic dentistry procedures, all restorative dentistry procedures, a few cosmetic and some neuromuscular treatments. The combinations are endless, and there is one that will work just for you – just like that perfect match is out there waiting for you.

It’s Your Job to Make Your Own Luck

You’ve been building your resume with every degree and certificate and job. Experience and education have plenty to do with landing the job you want, but how you look matters too. Just as you can design your perfect LinkedIn profile and perfect interview outfit, you can design your perfect smile, and it will help you get ahead in every area of your life.

You make your own luck, you direct the force that will operate for good in your life and shape your circumstances and opportunities. Your good fortune can depend on your smile. Schedule a consultation to discuss your smile makeover with Dr. Michael J. Wei, Midtown cosmetic dentist. Determine what kind of luck is waiting for you.