Can Porcelain Veneers Give Me a Wider Smile?

porcelain veneers narrow wide smile nyc cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiDo you feel like you have a narrow smile? Too much gum showing and not enough teeth? Too many front teeth and not enough back teeth? If you have a “small” smile, it can be widened to look proportional, natural, and beautiful. The solution is porcelain veneers.

Causes of a Narrow Smile

Having top teeth that are out of proportion creates a narrow-looking smile, leaving many people coveting a broader, toothy grin. You want people to see only teeth when you smile, not dark spaces at the corners of your mouth or an excessive gum line.

When your pre-molars or canine teeth are situated behind the teeth in front of them – usually because of crowding or odd-shaped teeth – a smile can look smaller than it’s capable of looking. In a perfect smile, at least the top eight front teeth should be visible, and they should span the width of your mouth. Porcelain veneers are custom-made to cover this distance.

How Veneers Create a Wider Smile

Veneers are customized in their appearance to create an attractive-looking smile that complements your face shape, skin coloring, age, gender, and more. Veneers are optimized for size, color, shape, length, width, length, thickness, and alignment so there is just the right amount of everything for a truly flattering smile.

The veneers are added to the outside surface of the teeth and are built out until your smile looks natural and the narrow look is gone. Prepless veneers have become an incredibly popular choice for smile makeovers because they don’t require the removal of tooth enamel to make room for the veneers.

Getting Rid of a Gummy Smile

Sometimes, a narrow smile comes from too much gum showing. An accompanying side effect is short teeth. Veneers can recreate your smile and eliminate both problems, though it can certainly help to undergo a laser gum lift first.

A gummy smile lift eliminates extra gum tissue so teeth can look longer, and so there is more room for veneers to be placed. Laser gum recontouring is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that repairs the tooth-to-gum ratio and is often used in conjunction with porcelain veneers.

A Perfect Smile from Your NYC Dentist

Getting a perfect smile with porcelain veneers depends entirely on what cosmetic dentist you choose to do the procedure. Always seek an experienced professional who is dedicated to perfection and nuance, who is looking at how the upper and lower teeth blend together, whether the surface texture matches between the veneers and the natural teeth, and whether translucency levels are complementary.

Veneers fix so many things, from supporting the lips and cheeks to making a person look years younger. Every patient’s facial dynamics are unique, and veneers have the capability to broaden a narrow smile. In just two dental visits, a smile makeover can be complete and your smile can be stunningly wide and beautiful.

Learn more about porcelain veneers and prepless veneers and what cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for widening your narrow smile. Contact Dr. Michael J. Wei at his dental office in Midtown. Or take advantage of a Smile Virtual video consultation.