Halloween Candy Could Ruin Your Perfect Smile

halloween perfect smile manhattan cosmetic dentistBad behavior on Halloween could ruin the perfect smile, whether you’ve invested in cosmetic dentistry and a smile makeover, or you simply have a great natural smile. Find out how to keep your teeth healthy and strong so you don’t find yourself visiting your Manhattan cosmetic dentist immediately after Halloween for repairs.

Say No to Sticky Sweets

Caramel, taffy, and any gummy and chewy candy are a big no-no, no matter what kind of smile upgrade you’ve undergone. There are so many potential negative side effects that can come from digging into that super-sticky stuff:

  • Pull out a tooth-colored filling
  • Cling to the teeth and cause decay
  • Damage dentures
  • Loosen crowns or bridges

Sweet snacks like gummy worms, candy apples, caramel chews, and licorice are tempting and delicious, but they are also a serious threat to good oral health. If you need to use a lot of force to take a bite of a candy or pull your teeth apart in between bites, you’re potentially doing some serious damage to your oral health.

Avoid the Hard Stuff

Maybe it seems like hard candies are the best choice to satisfy your sweet tooth and only minimally threaten your waistline. After all, one piece of candy that lasts for a long time can’t cause that many problems, right? That long-lasting sugar rush is precisely the reason complications could occur though. Spend too much time with a lollipop, jawbreaker, or other hard candy and you could:

  • Develop cavities from overexposure to sugar
  • Break a tooth
  • Chip or crack a tooth
  • Pull off a veneer

When your cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures are carried out, super-strong bonding materials are used to make sure the upgrades and restorations are firmly in place so they are long-lasting. The wrong candy, however, can threaten any solid solution.

Choose Chocolate

There is one type of candy that does the least amount of damage to your teeth and cosmetic dentistry: chocolate. Soft chocolate, like a chocolate bar or peanut butter cup, will not crack a tooth or pull out a filling. In fact, chocolate melts quickly because of the temperature of your mouth, which means it won’t linger too long on or in between your teeth, reducing the risk of cavities.

Of course, chocolate is still made with sugar, so it’s important to drink water after indulging and to brush and floss your teeth carefully to clean them, especially on Halloween night. You’ll also want to avoid chocolates that include chewy sweets like caramel or crunchy nuts. One wrong bite and you could have a problem.

Take Care of Your Spooky Smile

There are easy best practices to follow to ensure that your perfect smile stays safe, healthy, and strong through Halloween and beyond:

  • Brush at least twice a day and floss at least once daily
  • See your Midtown dentist for regular cleanings and checkups
  • If you have pain or a tooth problem, see your dentist immediately

Enjoy some sweets, enjoy a Happy Halloween, and keep your smile healthy the whole way through. If you have questions or concerns about your teeth and gums, or are concerned that you have a dental emergency, scheduling an appointment with Manhattan dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei.