Dental Crown or Porcelain Veneer for a Damaged Front Tooth?

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A damaged front tooth is a big problem in many ways. Your entire smile is marred cosmetically by that tooth’s crack, chip, or discoloration. Plus, functionally, it’s difficult to speak clearly and eat confidently when you have a compromised front tooth. The only question is whether a crown, porcelain veneer, or other treatment is the right solution for your smile makeover.

Fixing Front Tooth Failure

When your front tooth is damaged, your smile is affected, your confidence and self-esteem take a hit, you’re embarrassed to eat or speak, you might even be thankful for that mask you have to wear at work, school, or when visiting stores or restaurants.

You can’t hide forever though, and it’s important to fix your compromised tooth not only for aesthetic purposes but to ensure that your oral health stays strong and you avoid cavities and further deterioration or dental problems.

Repairs for a Damaged Front Tooth

The type of problem you have with a front tooth is the biggest indicator of what type of repair your NYC cosmetic dentist will recommend.

  • Chipped tooth: When a tooth is chipped, part of it is missing and that enamel needs to be replaced. A crown can fit over the entire tooth, or a super-thin veneer can be layered over just the visible part of the tooth.
  • Discolored tooth: Professional teeth whitening cannot make a dent in some tooth discoloration, but a crown or one carefully curated veneer can cover the problem seamlessly and make that tooth blend in with the rest of your teeth.
  • Cracked tooth: A minor crack can often be repaired with cosmetic tooth bonding. This secures the tooth and corrects the problem with a natural-looking composite resin that is shaped, contoured, and polished to look just like the tooth it’s meant to be.
  • Broken tooth: Depending on the size and location of the break on a front tooth, either a crown or veneer can conceal it and restore the tooth to its proper shape and size.
  • Decayed tooth: Yes, even front teeth can develop decay, and sometimes a tooth-colored filling isn’t strong enough to get the job done. Larger cavities that have weakened a tooth are better repaired with a customized crown.

Preparation for Crowns and Veneers

Even damaged or compromised teeth must undergo some preparation for their restoration. Your dentist may need to file down tooth enamel to make room for a restoration, depending on the type of repair you get. Some veneers – like Microthin veneers – are minimally invasive and require little to no prep. In all cases, though, the crown or veneer is tested for size, shape, color, and fit, then bonded permanently in place.

Many patients worry about the size of a crown and can’t imagine this repair will work on a front tooth. Crowns, however, do not have to be bulky, especially in the hands of a meticulous Manhattan cosmetic dentist. They are carefully sized and shaped without adding extra material and they are placed over an existing problematic tooth, while protecting, stabilizing, and beautifying the tooth.

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