Wish Yourself a Happy Holidays by Getting Porcelain Veneers

nyc porcelain veneers dr michael j weiAre you someone who needs a good excuse to indulge yourself? Are you lacking in self-care? If there is one thing you can do to take care of your well-being this holiday season, say yes to NYC porcelain veneers. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is life-altering for anyone who invests in it, improving appearance, self-confidence, and overall happiness in your daily life.

Boost Zoom Performance

No matter what age you are or what field you work in, these days communication is all about screens. You always need to be on and ready to go face-to-face with someone at a moment’s notice, and that means your teeth must be ready too.

You might be dressed up from the waist up and wearing PJ pants on your bottom half, but there is nothing that can conceal your teeth if they’re unsightly. Whether you like it or not, your smile is front and center on every screen conversation, and yours might not be doing you any favors in that department. A smile makeover, however, can transform your enthusiasm for accepting Facetime calls.

Spruce Up Social Media

Do you shy away from having your photo taken? Do you post more pictures of your pets on Instagram than yourself? Have you neglected to join TikTok or make videos because your teeth would be preserved?

Selfies are a must-have on social media, even if you’re not on there to become an influencer and simply want to keep in touch with friends and family. Face time is a necessity if you want the likes, and if you want to feel good about yourself. By transforming your smile – the centerpiece of almost any photo – you transform your online presence.

Streamline Self-Confidence

How confidently do you walk into your job every day? Are you smiling at colleagues, customers, or clients? Or are you doing your best to keep your mouth shut and be careful who sees your teeth when you eat? If more of the time in your day is spent navigating a bad smile or feeling self-conscious about it, you’re wasting valuable productivity and negatively impacting your performance.

What about your personal life? If you’re actively dating, then you’re introducing yourself to new people regularly – and they’re seeing the teeth you have now instead of the teeth you wish you had. Self-confidence increases tenfold when you invest in a smile makeover using NYC porcelain veneers, professional teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, or other customized cosmetic dentistry treatments.

How to Make It Happen

There are so many customized cosmetic dentistry treatments that can transform your smile, including NYC porcelain veneers, NYC porcelain crowns, professional teeth whitening, and more.

If you’re ready to supercharge your smile, now is the time to do it. You don’t have to get things rolling before Christmas hits or even before the New Year turns over. Simply get your consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei on the books at his NYC dental office or submit a Smile Virtual request online. You can begin the conversation about your smile makeover and be ready to make some changes. You can thank yourself later.