Get a Customized Smile Makeover: The Permanent Costume

customized smile makeover dr michael j. wei nycThere is an unspoken Halloween demand that festive adults come up with a clever costume that impresses others, looks great in photos, and is worthy of posting to social media. The reality, though, is that many people choose costumes specifically to conceal their imperfect smiles. Instead of looking forward to Halloween because the holiday allows you to hide, pursue a customized smile makeover that lets you be yourself all year.

Start Your Customized Smile Makeover

Make an appointment with an expert NYC cosmetic dentist to talk about the kind of smiles you love. Here’s what to expect from that initial appointment:

  • Consultation: A thorough discussion centered on what you like about your smile, what you dislike, your hopes for a customized smile makeover, costs, and budget.
  • Examination: A dental exam that reveals the condition of your oral health. Teeth and gums must be strong and healthy to undergo any cosmetic dentistry.
  • Decisionmaking: Find out, based on your oral health, what is possible for your smile makeover and which treatments are the best match and some recommendations may be unexpected.

The suggestions your Manhattan cosmetic dentist makes for your smile makeover are designed for you alone. A personalized costume, if you will, except you’ll have stunning smile you get to live with permanently.

Get the Work Done

Depending on the types of dental procedures you plan to undergo, your timeline for completing your customized smile makeover will vary. There are some treatments that take only one dental visit, others are carried out over months. If you want a change before Halloween this year, your options are limited, but the new you is worth waiting for.

  • One-day smile makeover: The most common way to get a new smile in one day is with teeth whitening. This one-hour procedure blasts away stains and discoloration using professional-grade bleaching products for a shining, white smile.
  • Two-appointment smile upgrade: A typical procedure that takes two dental visits are porcelain crowns. These personalized caps are made by a dental lab after they are designed and sized by your dentist. Once the crowns are ready, they’re permanently bonded to the teeth.
  • Multi-appointment smile makeover: No-prep veneers typically take two to three dental visits to complete, but it’s not just because of the design of the veneers and waiting for them to be crafted and placed. Some patients undergo laser gum therapy to broaden their smile or need other restorative treatments done for the veneers to fit properly in place.

Get a Customized Smile Makeover in NYC

A customized smile makeover is a life-changing choice. When your teeth look better than ever – when they’re straight, white, even, and just completely flawless – you will feel better about yourself. You won’t be hiding behind your hand or a closed-lip smile – or a Halloween costume that involves a full mask. You’ll be sharing beautiful teeth that make you look like the best version of yourself. And, this time next year, you’ll be considering completely new costumes that highlight your greatest asset.

Schedule a consultation with NYC smile makeover expert Dr. Michael J. Wei to find out what kind of cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry is right for you.