Cap Off Cosmetic Dentistry with Customized NYC Crowns

nyc porcelain crowns customized cosmetic dentistry dr weiWhen there are a few frustrating features that you dislike about your teeth, you may do your best to hide them or keep them under wraps when you smile. You don’t have to tolerate less-than-perfect teeth. It’s possible to get a small smile makeover that delivers a big impact, especially when you cap it off with customized NYC crowns.

Teeth Whitening + NYC Crowns

A professional teeth-whitening treatment is a powerful and fast smile makeover treatment. However, some people have teeth that cannot be whitened. Maybe a tooth is permanently stained from childhood, or a tooth is discolored because of an injury. No powerful bleaching treatment will make a difference in that enamel. NYC crowns, however, can do the trick.

Combining a teeth whitening treatment with porcelain crowns delivers a fully whitened smile. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend a whitening treatment first, then make adjustments to the remaining discolored teeth using crowns for a full smile makeover. Sometimes the simplest answer makes the biggest difference.

Prepless Veneers + NYC Crowns

For those with mostly good-looking teeth, it can be difficult to justify a full-blown smile makeover with six to 10 prepless veneers when you only have a few teeth that drive you crazy. No one ever said you need multiple veneers to fully transform your smile. In fact, you can get just a few veneers on those wonky teeth – and get NYC crowns on the others. This a la carte method can still deliver a stunning new smile.

Veneers cover up unsightly teeth, and porcelain crowns do the same. Crowns also make the treated tooth more robust, improving its strength and longevity so you can bite and chew with confidence. You don’t have to worry about the condition or appearance of a tooth with a customized crown in place.

The Solo Smile Makeover Using Crowns

If you have several teeth with problems, you might be surprised to discover that crowns can fix many of them. Tooth decay? A weak tooth? Gapped teeth? Chipped tooth? Misshapen teeth? All these issues can be easily corrected with a customized NYC crown. Porcelain crowns are one of the special treatments that are both restorative and cosmetic, resulting in a significant smile upgrade.

Remember, you will have a conversation with your NYC cosmetic dentist about what you want for your smile, and you’ll receive recommendations about what might work best to fulfill your vision. Be open about the procedures and what will serve you best in the present and future.

Get the Right Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Teeth in NYC

Every smile makeover is customized to the patient, no matter how big or small the cosmetic changes are to your teeth. It’s amazing what one or two small tweaks can do, and porcelain crowns are one of the most powerful and versatile ways to transform your entire smile. Learn more from @DrMikeWei on Instagram and contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation and find out what NYC crowns can do for your teeth.