6 Resolutions for a Perfect Smile

perfect smile new year dr michael j wei nyc cosmetic dentistEveryone has different reasons for making New Year’s resolutions. If this is the year that you have set a goal of taking better care of yourself, upgrading to a perfect smile can make your life better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Find out what cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry is right for you.

1. Get the tweaks.

Sometimes, changing just a few little bits of your smile can make all the difference to the whole. Teeth whitening, for example, can upgrade your look after a one-hour treatment, and your teeth don’t even have to be completely perfect – whitening creates an illusion of perfection. Cosmetic tooth bonding is another masterful fast treatment. In about 30 minutes, your dentist can correct a damaged, discolored tooth that sticks out and mars your entire smile.

2. Choose the treatment that’s right for you.

Sure, plenty of celebs have veneers and you love celeb smiles and want one yourself, but that doesn’t mean veneers are the right option for you. Your NYC cosmetic dentist is all about designing the smile makeover that has your name on it – and if that means you only need a few crowns and a teeth whitening, trust in his expertise to give you that perfect smile.

3. Go for the major overhaul.

If it turns out that porcelain veneers are the right treatment for you, then you have choices about the type of veneers you want in your mouth.

  • Traditional porcelain veneers require the removal of tooth enamel to make way for the veneers, but they are super-strong, durable, and look gorgeous.
  • Lumineers are a less-invasive version of veneers that are thinner and require little to no prep.
  • Prepless veneers accurately reflect their name and do not require any prep at all to create room for the porcelain shields.
  • Microthin veneers are the thinnest veneers of all and require a meticulous hand to design, apply, and shape into a stunning smile.

4. Fix what’s broken.

One little problem tooth may not seem like such a big deal in the grand scheme of oral health, but if that tooth has a hairline crack and the crack lets in bacteria, you are potentially facing down an infection, root canal therapy, possible extraction, and then a dental restoration like a dental implant or porcelain bridge. Look at how much cost, effort, and energy you can avoid expending if you just get the little stuff fixed when it develops!

5. Remake your smile from the ground up.

When you have a smile that is broken-down, causes you pain and discomfort, and just makes you feel embarrassed about your appearance, it is possible to overhaul it completely. Through a combination of dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry and, if necessary, full-mouth reconstruction, your entire oral health can be refurbished. Worn-out teeth happen – after all, your teeth work hard every single day. They can break down and require extra attention.

6. See your dentist.

If you resolve to do one thing for yourself this year, make your oral health a priority and see your dentist every six months for a dental cleaning, check-up, and oral cancer screening. This easy step done every six months will ensure that your teeth and gums are clean and healthy. That’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving, all year long.

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